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A good bark control collar for X-large dogs should have the following characteristics:
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Choosing the right size for adult dogs follows the 'two-finger' rule as well. Remember not all 'Large' or 'X-Large' collars will be the same length, there can be variations between manufacturers and styles... so double check the measurements before you buy/order.
Tooled Medium - X-large leather dog collar , Border Collie collar , floral leather show collar , designer collar
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Like all other dog breeds, the X-large breed has its set of unique challenges when it comes to using electric dog fences, bark control collars, or remote training collars. Due to their large size, x-large dogs need collars that are large enough to fit their huge necks comfortably. Here, we stock all of the containment, training, and care products suitable for X-large dog breeds. Large / XLarge Dog Collars - 1 and 1.5 Collars, Martingales, Leashes and Harnesses.
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The latter is a fantastic training tool and anyone with an X-Large or Giant breed should have one! They give you the ability to grab hold of your dog's collar firmly but easily, to correct any misbehavior (such as jumping on visitors, or snapping at the cat) or just to get his attention, lead him to another room etc.If you are ordering a custom collar, be mindful of the width of the collar and how it will fit on your dog. While you may order any width you'd like, the wider the collar, the heavier and bigger the hardware will be. The narrower the collar, the thinner and weaker the hardware will be. For best results, order the width that corresponds to our in-stock styles: 5/8" for x-small, small collars; 3/4" for medium collars, 1" for large, x-large collars.To teach your X-large dog to avoid nuisance barking, invest in a bark control collar. When used correctly, a bark control collar can reduce (and ultimately stop) nuisance barks. This lets you (and your neighbors) enjoy a little quiet time with your X-large barker.The measurements of our X-Large dog collar are approximately: 17.25"- 27.25" long and 1" wide. I can also make anything in a custom length or width. Just drop me a line. :)