Best Wireless Dog Fences For Small Dogs

PetSafe Wireless Containment System™, instant fence for dogs. PIF300/IF-300.
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I have 3 large great danes. I have invisible fence now but I am moving and need another fence. The invisible fence has been great but it is very expensive, batteries, repairs, etc. Just a service call is $150.00. I am looking for a wireless fence that will work on very large dogs.
Save money and keep your dog contained when you purchase an invisible wireless fence for your dogs
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A wireless dog fence is not a one size fits all solution. Some dogs are simply not suited for a wireless containment system. Dogs that show signs of aggression or those trained as guard dogs may ignore the electronic shocks. Homeowners looking to install a wireless dog fence should focus on training as well for best results. Portable Wireless Fence For Dogs - Pets - FMCA Motorhome Forums
Photo provided by FlickrWireless dog fences are a huge help for pet owners who cannot keep an eye on their dogs all the time
Photo provided by FlickrKeep your best buddy safe and protected with the PetSafe® Stay & Play Wireless Fence® System for Dogs
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In my experience, wireless fences work best for folks with large acreage who simply want to keep their dogs on their property. Of course, even for these folks, a wireless dog fence isn't appropriate if they want their dog to have access to their entire property, or if they want to block areas that lie inside the containment zone.Welcome to the best wireless dog fence reviews and guides on available online. I know just how unsettling it is when you can’t know if your dog is contained within its designated play area. All of our reviews of electric wireless fences for dogs have been written by people who have used the fencing in question. We do our best to cover both sides of the story: the good and the bad. We only review wireless dog fences made by two manufacturers: PetSafe and Havahart. While there are other manufacturer’s out there, we have found that these two offer the best value for your money, and the finest installation and dog training manual with the package. Did this article answer your question? If not, Google the keyword phrase "wireless fence for dogs" to learn more:This last one might need a bit of explaining. When we say boundary instabilities, we mean that the invisible fence boundaries will tend to shift back and forth every few seconds. Now, such shifting is common for all wireless fences for dogs and other pets, and it is a result of how current wireless technology works. But while this back-and-forth boundary shifting will be no bigger than 1 to 3 feet where Havahart and PetSafe fences are concerned, it can be as high as 10 feet in the vast majority of dog fences manufactured by other companies. Such shifts can be a particularly serious problem if there’s something dangerous on the other side of the boundaries, such as a street. When reading our reviews, please check what we have to say regarding the above-mentioned boundary instabilities, as it is probably the single most important and least-recognized spec. in any wireless fence for pets.Please refer to the comparison chart above, which lists the top 3 best electric wireless dog fences in our opinion. Underneath each model we’ve listed all the important specs, such as minimum supported dog weight, coverage area, transmitter and receiver measurements, number of correction levels, maximum supported number of dogs, and so on. Please note that while these are primarily wireless fences for dogs, they can be used for any pet that meets the minimum weight requirements, as long as the animal can be trained properly – this is probably the main difference between a wireless fence and the , which often cannot be used on anything other than a canine.The best wireless electric fences can support a minimum of two receivers, allowing you to contain two or more dogs with the use of just one transmitter. Your package however will only come with one receiver, so if you have more than one dog you’ll have to buy the additional receiver separately. Also, quality manufacturers will include two different sets of pins for the receiver: one pair for long-haired dogs, and another for short-haired dogs. Additionally, good collars/receivers will be water-proof as well.