Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys So Much

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One theory on why dogs like toys that squeak is the nature of the squeak. In the wild, an injured prey animal would emit similar squeaks and cries, thereby revealing its position and condition. Dogs with strong natural hunting instincts recognize the squeaks of a squeaky toy as the last cries of field mice, birds and other small prey. The noise generated by a rubber or plush variation on a prey animal can be just as satisfying to a dog.
Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?
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This is why dogs prefer toys that either taste like food, can be torn apart, or make sounds. In the wild when dogs would hunt for their prey, the prey would emit sounds similar to the squeak of today’s pet toys while the dog searched for and consumed it. Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys So Darn Much
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So, why do (some) dogs like squeaky toys so much? Well, when it comes to dog behavior, there’s no such thing as an ironclad explanation. However, there are a few theories that stand above the others.So why do dogs like toys that squeak? The theory goes back to nature. When dogs hunted for prey, they would hunt and kill. Their prey would squeak or make noises, which allowed the dogs to find their prey. This was part of their natural hunting instinct.The most popular notion is that dogs like squeaky toys because they appeal to a wild instinct to catch and kill small prey. A Jack Russell Terrier or Chihuahua may not bear much resemblance to a wolf, but they still harbor at least a hint of the so-called “prey drive” of their ancestors. This explains why dogs tend to lose interest when the squeaker goes – the critter is dead, time to move on. Of course, some dogs are never satisfied until the toy is .