The $8 Dog Brush Vacuum Attachment!!!: 5 Steps

Seriously! Leave it to Dyson to finally make a dog brush vacuum attatchment
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The idea of saying goodbye to the brushes where your dog’s fur gets tangled together can be a bit relieving and nostalgic, but practicality wise, it is very much helpful – which makes the vacuum feature the first good thing to be noticed.
Pet Hair Remover Brush Dog Cat Cleaner Vacuum Clean Fur Hair Removal Brush ca
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Our pet hair problem is bad but I swear my girls and I shed more then the dogs. I vacuum 3 or 4 times a week. If their is a problem with my vacuum I know its hair wrapped around the brush or a clog. Dog Pet Grooming Brush Tool For Dyson Groom Animal Allergy Vacuum Cleaner Parts
Photo provided by FlickrThis Dog Brush Vacuum Attachment Helps You Brush The Hair From Your Dogs
Photo provided by FlickrI use a dog comb to get the hair out of the brush right now….and just vacuum a lot!
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But now I was the dentist, the Groom my drill. This new brush attachment promised to whisk away loose fur, straight from Beaker’s body directly into a Dyson vacuum cleaner’s dirt canister. The fact that the process promised to be pain-free was of little solace to Beaker, who seemed to wonder: Why are you making a dog play the role of guinea pig? Sorry, buddy, but on a 10-point shedding scale, you are a 7 -- not too extreme, but worthy of notice. When it came time to review the Groom, you were the perfect test subject.The included accessory bag holds attachments for bare floor cleaning and dusting, but it is the NV752’s ‘pet specific’ attachments that are of particular interest. A handheld power brush unit loosens and cleans even the most ground-in dirt and pet hair. The unit also includes an attachment for removing pet hair from upholstery, furniture, and curtains. Few vacuums for dog hair provide so many cleaning tools for different situations and difficulty of the job.Vacuum Cleaner Pet Grooming Tool Dog & Cat Hair Brush Clean Mites Vacuum Dog Brush Vatcuum Nozzle Attachment 1.25''(32mm) *** Visit the image link more details.When we think of the best vacuums for dog hair, those that are tough enough to handle the worst messes our pets create, we don’t often think of a machine that looks like the Shark Rocket TruePet but this is a very clever, reliable option underneath its minimal design. This purple Rocket may be incredibly thin and have a weight of under 8lbs but it promises to never lose suction, has a removable dust cup that is 2x bigger than that of the previous Rocket and it comes with a very powerful motorized handheld brush for a deep clean of carpets.The BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Vacuum 1305 with SuctionChannel Technology is an ideal vacuum for dog hair. While all dogs shed hair, some breeds like Dalmatians and most terrier breeds shed constantly and on everything. The BISSELL 1305’s amazing suction is made even more effective with a special cleaning head design that can vacuum a wide 12.5 inch path. The proprietary suction channel provides cleaning power to the entire head. This feature is great for getting hair that accumulates in corners nad around baseboards. The 1305 can easily handle carpet and hardwood floors with a brushroll that responds to a power control on the handle.Some dogs are ok with this some are not. Mind is ok with me goin t but was upset with mommy doing it so i took over off camera.
you could also just duct tape a deshedding brush to the hose of a vacuum It would work too.

If your dog has long hair you should buy the real tool for this. I would not want the hair to get tangled in the roller brush. this one is suction power so it would be ok and not pull the hair.

She gets a stake after for being such a good dog.