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When it comes to keeping your dog cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, insulated dog houses, which are almost always made from plastic, do a much better job than ones which are not. Most people wrongly assume that this type is only good at keeping pets warm. However they also make very cool dog houses on a very hot day. The insulation used is actually foam which is inserted in-between the wall panels of the house and this serves to keep block out the heat from the Sun’s rays in the summer and keep your dog’s body heat inside the house during the winter. The thicker the foam, the more insulation, and the better the job it does. The most commonly seen insulated dog houses are the igloo style houses. One of the best features of these is that they have an offset extended doorway which helps to keep out the rain and wind.
Igloo dog houses can also be used in conjunction with  for providing an entire space your dog can call his own.
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When it comes to durability, the igloo doghouses have an advantage over wooden houses. Igloos are made from structural foam that provides a natural insulating effect. It's also long-lasting and weatherproof, meaning that drafts, rain and snow won't seep in to cause your dog discomfort or damage the house. Doghouses that are made from a natural material like wood can become weather damaged. This can open the door for drafts and moisture to get inside and can lead the structure to deteriorate. Additionally, the synthetic material used to make igloos is resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria, a feature that wood cannot match without being treated. Used igloo dog house ,
Photo provided by Flickr​If your dog is not used to using and sleeping in dog houses, you may need to acclimate your dog to the dog igloo over a period of time.
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Barley used dog house igloo nothing wrong but on one end the snap is broken. Igloo still holds together. Acepting offers...any questions please ask.Igloo dog houses are becoming increasingly popular these days as more and more pet owners prefer them over traditional dog houses. As the name suggests, igloo houses are dog houses that are shaped like igloos. Since they are more tightly enclosed, they provide additional protection from the elements outside, which is why they are commonly used in areas with extreme climates. Their design enables the house to resist high winds and shed off snow and other debris. Igloo dog houses are very easy to install and require only little manual labor. Also, they are portable and can be easily moved without hassle. These houses have a unique and fun dome-shaped design that adds beauty to the house.The most striking feature of an igloo dog house, or dog igloo, is its eye catching design. ​Looking just like traditional igloos used by Eskimos, igloo dog houses certainly look a lot different than most traditional dog houses.Keep these factors in mind before deciding to purchase an igloo dog house. If your dog already has the option of going inside for protection against the elements, it is possible that any outdoor dog house you buy for your dog will go unused.When buying an igloo dog house, the key factor is to pick the house of a suitable size where the pet can stand up, lie down, and turn around with ease. If the house is too big, the dog will not stay warm. Similarly, if it is too small, then the dog might feel uncomfortable. These houses can also be used in conjunction with outdoor dog kennels as it will provide an entire space for the pet to call its own. They are ideal for smaller and but can also be used for .Those plastic igloo style dog houses leave a lot to be desired. But sometimes they are all you can get. The door is too large, they don't insulate the dog for anything, they channel rain in, well, the list goes on. Here is one way to make your igloo style dog house half way decent. These half circle heaters can help keep the dog house half way warm. I have not used one.