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Ultra Paws Traction dog boots are sold in sets of four.
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Made with dense, water resistant but breathable nylon material and wrapped with a recycled tire material, Ultra paws Rugged Dog Boots four-boot set lives up to its name because it provides extreme protection from most conditions - plus the boots stay on your dog's feet. Reprotek® sole is up to 1.2mm thick to protect in all conditions, but is especially suited for tougher terrain. If your dog will be near sand burrs, cactus, rocks, hot pavement, or in mud, snow, or ice, this is the dog boot you need.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots have a sole that is pliable, super grippy, & ideal to prevent slipping; plus they stay on! Black. Set of 4.
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I have been buying from your online store for a couple of months now and have been very happy with your value and performance. My Doberman loves your boots. She has literally worn out a set of them after uncountable miles of hiking. I have tried other brands of boots for her and can’t find anything that fits nearly as well or lasts nearly as long. I have recommended your site to several of my friends in the dog world. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work! - Trae S., Indiana (Ultra Paws® Rugged) Ultra Paws Rugged dog boots stay on this fellow while retrieving in the river.
Photo provided by FlickrUltra Paws Traction dog boots are ideal for senior dogs to prevent slipping.
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Another good option to protect pet paws is booties. Try Ultra Paws® Durable and Traction Dog Boots. Easy to put on with Velcro straps and skid resistant soles, they will keep paws warm and dry. Remember to check that Velcro straps are not too tight; the boot should be snug so that they don’t slip off but not so tight it constricts the paw. Dogs tend to not to like wearing the boots, so acclimate them by putting them on your dog for short periods of time in the house first.Boots are FANTASTIC!!! They stay on and don't twist around! The double straps are perfect! I've attached a picture of Brady wearing them on his back feet. He's almost 12 and really isn't as sad looking as the picture portrays!....or, he's trying to make us feel sorry for him! NOT! He's fine! Once he figured out he needed to pick his feet up a little more, he's had no problem getting around SAFELY!! He can get up from laying down SO much easier! He doesn't get 'pushed around' as my other dogs fly by him., and best of all, when he gets excited and bounces around, his back legs no longer slide out from under him!!TRACTION!!! He's got it! Brady's such a good boy, and did his time in 'service' to others as a Leader Dog for the Blind for a gentleman in North Carolina. I got him back after his partner died. I was Brady's puppy raiser years ago. He's a yellow lab and as a lab, lives to eat! These are truly a lifesaver for him! Thanks so much! Janice W., Illinois (Ultra Paws® Durable) Your Durable Dog Boots continue to change Magic's life. She happily wears them around the house and does not slip on the tile. They also make it easier for her to get up, especially if she has been cooling off on the tile. She even likes wearing them outside on walks! That means they wear out faster, but we're happy to do whatever we need to keep her mobile. She has actually gotten stronger over the last few weeks after a serious decline and I know in part it is due to her mobility with these boots. Thanks you for a wonderful product that is helping us keep our old girl around a little longer, with a good life. Kathy M ., Florida (Ultra Paws® Durable Boot)Eureka! We have an elderly cocker spaniel with severe weakness in his rear end. He's had a terrible time staying upright on our slippery floors. We've tried every traction sock, balloon and boot out there. They wouldn't stay on or were so tight they caused pain and still wouldn't stay on. Today we received our Durable Dog Boots. He's had them on for six hours. They're still on and he has not stopped bouncing around. HE'S SO HAPPY! Thank you, thank you for returing his quality of life. They are a god-send -- really. He was falling 10-12 times a day and it looked like we might have to put him to sleep pre-maturely. It chokes me up to see him getting around so well, and it's obvious that he's delighted. Really, there is NOTHING out there that compares to these boots for elderly dogs. Rae G., California (Ultra Paws® Durable)