Feb 13, 2014 - In my office there are two dog beds

I have a confession to make. I live in a two bedroom apartment with 5 dog beds. FIVE!
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I got the aluminum bunk beds for my 4 month old shepherd puppies two months ago. Those guys had shredded their previous bed, so I knew I needed something tough. These are great. They are strong and have nothing chewable on them. My dogs love them and took to them immediately. I had intended to use them as bunk beds, but the top bunk is pretty high and hard for the dogs to access. I ended up taking them down and using them as two separate beds, but all the necessary hardware to do this is included. I would definitely buy these again and highly recommend. Even if you dogs are not particularly destructive, these beds keep them off the ground and are very comfortable.
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Beds stand up to hungry Jack Russells
I have spent at least 1,000 dollars on dog bedding, training, etc. for my two JRT's. They eat every bed that is introduced to them. Most recently (in the past two weeks) I bought a "guaranteed" bed from another company for $200.00 for them to share. They chewed it in less than 24hours. The company offered no support and only a small discount if I purchased another bed.
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Pittsfield, MA Pittsfield, MA built in dog beds - double-sided two-dog bed with wire mesh sides below kitchen peninsula - Betsy Bassett Interiors via Atticmag
Photo provided by PexelsThese beds are AMAZING! I have the same issue Katherine with my two dogs. To much dog and not enough bed. 🙂
Photo provided by Flickr1. One dog bed just isn’t good enough. Your dog cleverly tries to stack two or more beds together to get to the ultimate level of comfort.
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DIY dog bed for less! I'm too tight to spend $60 for a large dog bed, especially needing two for our dogs so I made one for both and a lot less! I took 6 pillows and stitched them together, covered them with 3 yards of fleece fabric (one a printed fabric and just a plain fabric- 6 yards total) and cut to size. The size of this dog bed is huge, about the length and width of a standard sofa's cushions.DIY Dog Bedframe - dog bed - twin bed was perfect for two large black labs. Painted frame to match coffee table and end tables in living room! #dogbed Sadly, not all manufacturers of bother to take group naps into account. Too many beds’ flimsy frames buckle and break under the weight of an additional furry friend. At Kuranda we fully support sharing, so we build our beds to be much stronger than the weight used in the description might suggest. For example, when we recommend large beds for dogs in the 60-65 lb range, we mean that boxers, retrievers, and other dogs of a similar size are generally comfortable on a large bed. We don’t mean that the bed will collapse if you happen to have two retrievers and they want to snuggle!In my office there are two dog beds. One for the little dog. One for the big dog. Of course, this is what happens. Good Dog Lily looks a bit resigned to being cramped, doesn’t she?The manufacturers also run a deal where you can get a free extra suede bed cover when you purchase two dog beds in one order, which is a nice added bonus!This large dog bed () comes in as simply one of the best available, and it’ll give you an amazing amount of value for the price. The only drawback is that it only comes in two colors, slate, and brown. They’re fairly neutral though and sure to look fine in just about any room.