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EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs is non-toxic giving you peace of mind
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It’s hard enough to get real grass to grow in Southern California–without your dog working against your best efforts. Many Los Angeles area homeowners with dogs have similar problems with their lawns. They can’t get their grass to grow because of over or under watering, improper fertilizing, poor drainage, and pet waste and digging. The most common culprit killing grass in Los Angeles is the family dog. Dogs cause brown/dead spots in real grass, resulting in an unappealing and unusable lawn. Los Angeles homeowners with dogs and natural grass lawns are fighting an uphill battle. Dog owners water, fertilize, mow, edge, aerate, and re-sod their lawns, yet the same problems rear their ugly heads. Some Los Angeles-area dog owners with real grass just accept defeat and live with horrible looking lawns. Artificial turf from “Frass” Fake Grass is the solution.
Top 10 reasons why pet owners love EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs:
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K9Grass is designed with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology built into the blades to foster a cleaner, safer environment for dogs. In addition, the product’s no-infill design prevents dogs from digging up and chewing on bits of rubber. Plus there’s no need to worry about the turf getting too hot for your pup’s paws because the blades are newly designed to keep the surface cooler. What type of cleaning/maintenance is required for k9 grass or another brand of artificial turf for dogs?
Photo provided by FlickrPlus, over time, EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs saves thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering.
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And on… and on… and on…EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs, with its revolutionary drainage capabilities, along with its realistic look and feel, make it the number one choice for pet owners. Because of its unmatched artificial dog grass durability, EasyTurf has proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and its low maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn all year long easy.Artificial grass is amazing in so many ways, one of which is specialty- in this case, we’re looking at synthetic turf especially designed for dog use. When it comes to artificial grass made for dogs, there are a few important features to keep in mind.EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs has an industry leading, proprietary 100% permeable, non absorbent backing making it the ideal solution for pets.Unlike its distant, poorly developed cousin Astroturf, K9Grass is soft for a dog’s paws, thoroughly permeable to urine, and very low maintenance. Unlike real grass, K9Grass is completely resistant to damage, doesn’t get muddy, and looks neat, groomed, and full year-round.This is yet another reason that artificial turf for dogs is a good idea. High quality artificial grass will help prevent your dog from digging a hole through the grass because it is thick and almost impossible to tear. Though there are some additional precautions you can take to keep your dog from digging through your artificial grass that your grass specialist can help you with.