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These strong, lightweight dog crates are ideal for travel or the home. Set one up in the car to keep your dog safe while on the road, then take it out and use it at your destination. Durable ventilated mesh windows keep your pet comfortable. Rounded corners protect the interior of your car. Imported.
Soft sided crates are also great options for large breed dogs when traveling.
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The crate can’t be taken apart to go through a washing machine, so you must scrub it to clean. It also doesn’t have any sort of carrying straps, so you it’s not ideal for those who want to carry their dogs inside of it. Like all soft-sided dog crates, it’s not suitable for dogs that will try to escape their crate. Many owners place their dog’s car crate in the back of the car – the traditional cargo area.
Photo provided by Flickr18 - 22" Midwest Crate for Extra Small Dogs 2 - 10 lbsChihuahua, Pug, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier
Photo provided by FlickrToday we’re giving you an in-depth guide on dog travel crates for the cargo hold. We’re covering:
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Need help with finding the right size? See our Dog Crate Size Breed Chart. Description The Travel Safety Carrier is the simple way to keep families and pets safe in a vehicle. Driver distraction is keNow you can regulate the temperature of your dog's travel crate using your own vehicle's climate control system regardless of whether you are using a SUV, Minivan or crate fan...Pet Accessories - This would be amazing for summer time and keeping your dog cool. Also, it would be very traveling in the car! Want!These crates are made for taking your companion on the go, travelling with a dog can be a bit rough but with a high-quality soft crate, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your dog has somewhere he can sleep at night and feel secure. Whether you’re taking an overnight trip to the lake or just sleeping in a hotel room it’s important to make sure that your canine is secure and safe.Are you a traveling professional who wants to take your dog with you? Or perhaps just the kind of person who can’t leave their furry pal behind? If so, you may want to take a look into soft dog crates. There are several advantages to owning a collapsible dog crate, and if you’re the right kind of person with the right kind of dog you might want to make the leap and purchase one right now.This attractive travel crate comes in four different sizes, able to cover a dog up to ninet
y pounds with the largest size. Your dog is sure to enjoy its large, nylon mesh windows and the comfortable, padded bottom panel.Contrary to what you may be thinking, soft crates aren’t only good indoors, most are water resistant and made of tough materials to be able to withstand the elements very well. They come in a variety of styles and often have pockets where you can store your dog’s leash, favorite toys, and maybe some treats depending upon your fancy.One of the big draws of this product is the amazing amount of volume gained when it folds down. This model folds down to less than two inches of thickness when you’re ready to take it somewhere, meaning you can fit it virtually anywhere in your home or vehicle. Combined with its rather unique look, this is a solid purchase for your traveling needs, and indeed, it may be one of the best small dog crates available.