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The BroadBand Dog Harness: Think BIG. Finally a dog harness designed to fit our BIG DOG friends! Made of the same satin-finish, softer, thicker, heavier Nylon as our Sportso Doggo dog harness . . . yet with webbing supersized 50% to match your large dog’s body structure. It also has a metal front slider and is made from 5700 pound test material for extra strength. Fits dogs from 80-250 pounds/36-115 Kg. Includes 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material™.
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Even if you rely on a harness for walks, your dog needs a solid leash-and-collar set. Barrel-chested dogs often have thick necks and sometimes, like in the case of Boxers, a short snout. A collar, even if it’s secondary to a harness, should be wide and thick to diminish pressure on a single spot. The from EzyDog fit the bill while being super simple to clean. Pair it with a matching leash or a if your dog happens to be a puller. Black Jack Wearing Thick Leather Dog Harness Padded on the Chest.
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The Ultra Leather Dog Harness is hand crafted from with 2 layers of premium leather throughout. It thicker and more durable than leather used in traditional agitation dog harnesses, yet still has outstanding flexibility and comfort.Depend on function use about collar and harness, but I like your tips about dog harness.
it would be more comfortable and safe when you go walk with your furbaby, especially ” If your dog has a narrow skull or thick neck ” as you mentioned aboveThe Ultra Leather Dog Harness has saddle-worthy stitching so good you can actually SEE the quality and strength. It is fitted with high grade brass buckles at 5 key adjustment points allowing for a custom fit to your dog. The heavy duty, thick felt lined chest plate prevents chafing and disperses pressure across the dog's chest rather than across the throat which can deter strong barking. The heavy duty felt is horse saddle grade that won't break down after only a few sessions. And topping it all off is an improved built-in loop handle allowing the handler to get hands on during training if necessary.The harnesses are indispensable for dogs with thick necks (mastiff,some breeds of bulldogs). The use of the harness is more preferablethan a collar. Great Danes may breathe freely; there is no harm totheir neck and larynx. These harnesses are usually made of lightmaterials. They can be made of nylon or rather expensive genuineleather and .The harnesses for massive dogs are often offered with .Harnesses are also recommended for breeds with thick necks and small heads. Greyhounds and other breeds are notorious for escaping from collars because of the size of their necks. Because harnesses attach around the torso and the neck, they are more difficult for dogs to escape from.Best Dog Harness In The World

I Have Found The Best Dog Harness And Now You Can Get It In The USA

Over the years I have tried to find a dog harness that is both humane as well as functional.

Most dog harness I have come across have many straps, clips sliding buckles... The list goes on and on.

They require a very dedicated human and a very compliant dog to put them on.

Most dogs when it is time to put on their harness are so excited that they are going somewhere, that standing still and letting you snap three or so clips around them is just a pain in the butt.

While In Europe I Found The Best Dog Harness I Ever Saw

While on vacation in Denmark I came across a dog harness that only required a simple click to get on your dog. The brand is Hurtta. The trouble was I had to go to a vet to get it as that was the only place one could purchase it at the time.

As you can see here, I used the hell out of them. And since I could not easily buy them again, I had to do repairs.

Well as you can see here, it was time to replace them, I think these were like seven years old.

You Can Now Get A Hurtta Dog Harness Here In The USA

We had heard that now in Europe you could just get them at a regular pet store as Hurtta had expanded their sales outlets.

I looked into them on line and I am happy to say you can get them through Amazon now!
This was great! I ordered a new dog harness for each of my dogs.

The nice thing about these with their new design is that they have very powerful reflectors built into the materials of the harness. The padding is nice and thick for your doggies comfort. This dog harness is my favorite that I have ever come across.

I hope you and your dogs enjoy your dog harness on many occasions.

Thanks for listening

John Radin

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