How does the Tethr GPS Dog Tag attach to my pet's collar?

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GPS pet tracker with phone dog uses this, used to be called Tagg, now called Whistle GPS tracking collar device. If dog leaves house or yard, u get an immediate text to alert u & tracks pet's movement, gives u pet location, never lose ur pet! worth the money. GPS worn on collar, charge battery 1 per month.
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Tagg's best dog GPS collar is currently the most famous on the market alongside the Link AKC (mentioned below) and the Tractive which I mentioned above. In fact, the company has grown so big so fast that Whistle and renamed the tracker. GPS Dog Tracking Collar with Phone App Tag Locator System
Photo provided by FlickrAug 16, 2011 - Follow your pet's every movement with a collar tag that uses GPS and Verizon Wireless to locate your wandering dog or cat
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Without any kind of tag, finding your dog can be significantly delayed. One innovative solution to finding your dog quickly once he's made a break for it, is the - a device that combines GPS and cell phone technology. If he has any medical issues, this can be a real blessing.

Is Your Dog A Good Navigator?

If your dog is not a good at finding his way home, then his dog ID tag is even more important. If you do nothing else, make sure your dog is licensed and has his animal control tag securely attached to his collar. This is probably his best bet and only hope of being rounded up quickly and returned to his family. Also, make sure you have some recent digital photos of your dog that could easily be converted to flyers and circulated in your neighborhood if he gets lost.It used to be that you had to hope that an ID tag on your dog’s collar and a backyard fence would keep them from wandering too far from your home. But today, there’s a much better option: GPS dog collars.Find your lost pet with a FinderTAG. The battery lasts over 400 days so if your dog ever gets lost you can get his GPS location using the iPhone app or the Android app. Put a FinderTAG on your pets collar before he gets lost so you can get him back if he ever gets lost. Just put it on your pets' collar and you will receive the gps point on a map whenever someone scans it. Dr. Emily Weiss, ASPCA's animal behaviorist advised owners that the best chance they have to locate lost dogs is when pets are wearing identification tags or dog GPS collars, or are microchipped.Getting a GPS dog collar, with an engraved ID tag for good measure, is a great way to protect your pet and keep them safe. The faster you find them, the less likely they are to get hurt if they wander too far and can’t find their way back. Knowing that their collar has a location tracker inside it can give you some much-needed peace of mind when you let your dog outside in the backyard unsupervised.Dog activity monitor from the famous company Whistle is designed the same way as Tractive and Tagg dog GPS trackers mentioned below in our list of best dog GPS collars. It's a smartphone-based pet tracking device that will send different data to your phone about your dog's daily behavior, long-term health trends and activity levels. Similarly to the GPS dog tracker from Tractive, Whistle's dog tech device is mostly about monitoring activity than tracking your pet.