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Using your drill and metal drill bits, drill small holes at the corners of your dog door outline. Start with a small drill bit in order to not dent your storm door and then move to a bit large enough to allow your metal cutting jigsaw blade to turn 90 degrees during cutting.
Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner install a storm door with her active dog in mind
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Screwing your dog door into place on an aluminum storm door is exactly like screwing your dog door into place on a normal wooden door except that you will use the replacement sheet metal screws you bought instead of the wood screws that will come with your dog door kit. Storm Door with Dog Door
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A New Generation of Screen & Storm Doors: PET STORM DOORS. These top quality pet storm doors add lasting beauty and functionality to your home in winter or summer. The pet door is already installed into the storm door. Choose from either a vent storm door or a full glass storm door. Storm door with dog door already installed shipped right to your door.Some dog door kits will come with a template for laying out the dimensions of your dog door onto your storm door. If not simply use your tape measure and square to carefully draw the height and width dimension of your dog door storm door. It is important to make sure the bottom of the dog door outline is at the chest height of your dog you marked previously and your dog door is as centered on your storm door as possible.No cutting into your house for the doggie door! This LARSON storm door comes with a pet door already built-in. #ItsADogsLife #WelcomeHome #MyLarsonDoor Everyone has heard the phrase 'You get what you pay for', the same is true with a pet door. The market is bloated with mass produced, Chinese made products. In truth, these fine foreign models are the ones that you will find in the local pet store, Home Depot or Walmart. The reason they are abundant is that they are cheaply made. They offer few sizes to correctly correlate with your dogs size, and good luck finding a replacement part. Good reason for this too, they are so cheap it is more cost effective to replace the entire unit than offer a replacement part to maintain the unit you so eagerly purchased initially. Next time you are in one of these stores, pick one up, take a look. Ask yourself, if I was buying windows or doors for my home would I get them from the bargain bin at Big Lots? Choosing the right pet door and being happy with the product is directly relative to the quality of the product. Here is another point to keep in mind, Lets say you install a pet door through a wall in your home, you spent $65 on a wondrous plastic dog door, spend a beautiful Saturday morning installing the door (Or have hired a handy man to do the install for you), life is grand, and wondrous. The comes the storm, maybe a snow storm, maybe a cold front, maybe a rain and wind driven storm....this is about the time you may have a resentful feeling towards the big box store. Adding insult to your scheme, you are finally ready to take that vacation you have been planning, then it hits you.....a plastic locking panel for the door, thinner than a plastic plate used on picnics, stands between someone on the outside trying to get into your home when your gone..not a secure feeling. Lastly, you run the risk of installing several pet doors into the same location because they break or wear out. Choosing a pet door that is maintainable means that you wont be revisiting the install process every Spring. So you do get what you pay for. As a reference customers should view a . These models not only offer the high performance seal and insulating qualities, but unsurpassed security when the door is locked.Now that your dog door storm door is properly installed, you can rehang your storm door by simply lining up the hinges on your storm door with the hinges on your door jamb and the gently tapping the hinge pins back into place.