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Dogs are open to all foods, potentially. So vegetables can be a great snack option for your dog.
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Beyond® Dog Snacks let you share moments of goodness with your dog. That’s because all our varieties are grain-free, simply made and genuinely good. We use all natural chicken, and our jerky strips contain real apples. We leave out corn, wheat and soy and use no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. So with every treat, you know your dog is getting real, recognizable ingredients with a taste he can enjoy.
(CBS) — There is a potentially deadly danger for your dog in the supermarket snack aisle.
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Producer William Hanna had always imagined that a "Scooby Snack" would taste like some sort of a caramel-flavored cookie (however, the batter is colored like brown sugar and similar in color to butterscotch), and he and Joseph Barbera had previously used the concept of a dog, Snuffles, that goes wild for doggie treats in the series in 1959. That truth is not lost on this dog and guinea pig duo that's calmly munching on a watermelon snack like the chilled-out pals they are.
Photo provided by FlickrLet’s hope this mesmerized dog was able to taste some of it eventually, or at least get his own snack later on.
Photo provided by FlickrWhen you treat your dog to a Milk-Bone® dog snack, you help us donate $250K a year to Canine Assistants®.
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Welcome to Elinora's Royal Natural Snack!
We offer a new type of a natural dog treat made solely out of dried fish skin without any additives or preservatives and it is fat free! Unprocessed food such as natural dried fish skin is great for the dog's teeth and gives them a beautiful coat! Dogs feeding on natural raw food have fewer problems with allergies and other common problems.Made with lots of chicken liver, whole spelt flour, manuka honey, brown rice flour, nutritional yeast and a few other wholesome ingredients. The snacks are baked fresh for a crisp shell with a soft interior. And dogs go crazy for them.Dried fish skin provides an appropriate natural outlet for your dog's chewing instinct. Elinora's Royal Natural Snack is made solely out of dried Icelandic fishskin. It is a purely natural product without any additives or preservatives. About 77% of the dried fish skin is protein and the rest is mostly fiber. It is very healthy for dogs and especially beneficial for maintaining good teeth and a beautiful coat. In addition dried fish skin is excellent for puppies at teething time! The product is packed in biodegradable bags, each containing 100 g. (3.5 oz) of dried fish skin.Â

Yes, guilty as charged. Brooks points out that having a snack on hand is one of the best ways to get a dog to respond to you; but it’s important that whatever treat you’re waving in front of Fido is actually healthy for him as well as appealing for you.Brooks, an Englishman who now lives with his family in rural Vermont, quickly echoed my own thoughts about what would make a good dog/human snack. “Dogs are not that discerning,” he admits. “I wanted to create something that we humans would really like and want to eat. When hiking, very few people remember to bring a snack for a dog.”Air-popped popcorn is only about 35 calories per cup, and it sure is tasty. Popcorn pieces make it easy to toss your pup a snack throughout the day without loading them up on calories. Just be sure not to use any butter or salt on your dog’s popcorn.