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I enjoyed reading all of the problems and answers. I have a 3.5year old duckshund who rew up very protected. I took her to our local kennels from time to time, but every time we ake her, she will start to shiver on our way there and hide under the car seat. the people a the kennel assure me that she is okay while she is there, but I am worried. we want to go on leave for 12 days and i really don’t know how se will react to the stay in a kennel for so long. the intended kennel keep the small dogs in seperate cubicles in a large shed. they take the dogs out 2 day to wee etc. but I wonder if the indoor confinement wont be to hard on my dog. She loves the sea and free running on the beach.
Come by any time to check out our spotless kennel facilities. We have a community room for small dogs and we also offer custom care for both dogs and cats.
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3. Choose a location with room both indoors and outdoors. Your location needs room for multiple kennels inside and dog runs or exercise areas outside to meet the dogs' activity needs. If possible, choose a location with at least one large room as well as smaller rooms that can be used as office space and a space to separate dogs that are in heat or otherwise disruptive. You must pay for the duration of your dog's stay at the time of the reservation. Our kennel sizes vary from x-small, small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large.
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Photo provided by FlickrThis kennel is ideal for smaller breed dogs as well as cats, or for use as a chicken coops or aviary
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At-HomeKennels' offers affordable boarding rates, but most importantly wepride ourselves on providing your pets clean and friendlyaccommodations from a loving staff of care givers. Come by any time tocheck out our spotless kennel facilities. We have a communityroom for small dogs and we also offer custom care for both dogs andcats. With advance arrangements we also off Pet Transportation servicesto and from our Kennel.Kennel facilities generally include a mix of cages, runs, and large play areas where the dogs may interact and exercise. Splash pools and agility courses are becoming popular features. Kennel facilities are expected to be heated and air conditioned to maintain a comfortable temperature, and enclosures must be continually cleaned. Some high-end boarding facilities offer small “suites” with human beds, televisions, and live streaming webcams so owners can check on their animals while traveling. Plastic dog kennels are one of the more popular dog crate choices. Not only are they lightweight, easy to clean and economical, these crates typically come apart in three pieces for portability or cleaning. Smaller plastic kennels may have a handle on the top. Large kennels sometimes come with optional wheels to make traveling with big dogs a bit easier. Plastic kennels usually have a wire cage door on the front and holes or slats on the sides to let in light and air. Consider getting a dog bed Some kennels also reserve space for birds or small animals. The kennel may offer a variety of services such as bathing, grooming, and obedience training services. Some sell pet products and food in the front office. The kennel may also offer , where owners may drop their dogs off in the morning and pick them up in the evening.Portable kennels and carriers come in many varieties. Carriers for small dogs often resemble duffel bags with screening on the sides. Some small dog carriers even look like designer purses. Soft, portable kennels are also available for large dogs. These are often collapsible structures made of nylon or a similar material which can be perfect for camping or other travel.Large, active dogs need more space than smaller dogs. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals suggests dog owners use one of two sizes, either 10 feet by 10 feet or 5 feet by 15 feet. Making a kennel even longer than 15 feet helps to keep large, active dogs happy, and in many cases you can buy panels to add to a kennel kit that will allow you to make the kennel as long as you wish. Kennels are rarely narrower than 5 feet, even for small dogs.