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Meanwhile, the ownership of small dogs—that is, pets weighing no more than 20 pounds (9 kilograms)—is doing just the opposite. Americans have been buying more and more small dogs each year since 1999. The population of little canines more than doubled in the US over that period, and is only projected to continue upwards, according to data from market research firm Euromonitor.
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Your little doggie looks cute in her sweater and matching beret, but even small dogs have predatory instincts. Some breeds, such as whippets, were bred to hunt by sight -- others, like beagles, by scent. Terriers were culled to eliminate vermin, and herding dogs, such as shelties, chased and controlled other creatures. These genetic mannerisms impact the way your small dog responds to other animals, even if they're both domestic pets. Do Larger Dogs Age Faster Than Small Dogs? - Pets
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When I began searching for the perfect pooch several years ago to keep me company, I researched all the best small dogs that are known to be good indoor pets.The Bichon Frise is a small toy dog breed known for its white puffball coat. These dogs are very affectionate and get along with people, kids and other pets. As "people" dogs, they should not be left alone for long periods of time. The Bichon Frise is a great indoor dog that requires minimal exericse such as a short daily walk. Although it does not shed much, it has above average grooming requirements in order to maintain its beautiful, unmatted, pure white coat. The Bichon Frise is not suitable as a guard dog, watchdog or primarily outdoor dog.Let me just say that I truly believe all small dogs can makegood family pets given the right circumstances, training andcompatibility. The dog breeds wementioned above are only a few of many others that would make suitable family pets,but these are the ones that are likely to be the best choices. Thinking about flying the friendly skies with your pet in tow? Taking your pet along can make your vacation even more memorable. Small dogs and pets can even fly with you in the cabin, making it easy and relatively stress-free to jet set with your pet. There are size and weight restrictions for both your pet and their carrier, so read up on your airlines of choice to see if this is an option for your pet. One of our team members, Alison, recently flew from Toronto to Florida with her Miniature Dachshund Pretzel. Here are her tips for air travel with your small dog:The has a sturdy build that is perfect for kids who like to roughhouse. However, he won’t win any awards for "most energetic dog." A docile, friendly, and loyal dog, the Bull Dog gets along well with other pets and dogs, too. The Bull Dog is comfortable living in large houses as well as small apartments. Most are also pleasant with outside visitors and compatible with other pets, which makes them the perfect fit for a busy, social family.Updated daily, click here for a quick overview of purebred dogs & cats, small dogs, and special needs pets in Montana. See also , and