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Adjustable Nylon Navy Stripe Dog Harness Small Leash Set Walking Leads ..
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Like collars and harness, leashes come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and patterns. Finding the right one for your dog requires determining the size and strength you need for your pet. Finer and lighter leashes can be great for small dogs and puppies while large dogs may need a thicker, stronger leash.
Flexi Vario Retractable Cord Dog Leash, Granite, Small, 26 ft
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Custom build and personalize this 6 foot Small Dog martingale leash/slip lead for 10“ to 14“ neck size. Choose from a range of colors and FREE custom labeling and personalization with your dogs name.

Rope Size: 3/8“ Round
Martingale Leash Length: 6 Foot
Neck Size: Small (10“ to 14“)
Leash/Lead Material: Nylon
Slip Leash/Lead Options: Sculpted leash handle Small Dog Leash Designs Guaranteed (Even if Chewed) | Lupine
Photo provided by FlickrSmall Dog Leash Coupler Designs | Lupine
Photo provided by FlickrAll the function of our performance leashes, but built for smaller dogs.
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The 8 in 1 Security Leash is designed for proud dog parents who enjoy safe outdoor activities with their small sized dogs. Sturdy construction with heavy duty stitching. This is a great multi-use dog leash that you’ll love to own. Makes a great gift idea too!Small dog leash with a 7″ x 4.5″ pack that is attached to a 5 foot leash that holds dog bags, personal items, and pet waste in separate compartments. This leash is for the small dog breeds such as yorkies. On the back-clip harness, the ring that the leash clips onto is located on the top of the dog’s back. Back-clip harnesses are the most agreeable type of walking equipment for many dogs to adjust to. The harnesses are especially useful for small dogs with delicate throats easily damaged by collars. Back-clip harnesses are for calm dogs trained not to pull on the leash, as the design does little to discourage pulling. When back-clip harnesses are used with an untrained dog who likes to pull, they create a sled-pulling action, with the owner dragged along in place of the sled.Padded Handle Dog Leashes – Featuring quality Lupine webbing and a soft padded handle you’ll be comfortable walking even the strongest of pullers. Small Dog Leashes have 2″ trigger-style snaps for easy attachment to tiny pooches while Medium and Large Dog Leashes have a convenient gate style snap for easy attachment to even the most excited of walking partners!Smaller dogs should have smaller leashes, while larger dogs need something sturdier. There are also dog leashes that offer specific benefits to prevent your dog from pulling on the leash or to give him some gentle correction as he learns proper leash etiquette.Leashes from EzyDog are offered in a variety of lengths and widths. We offer a LITE range for small dogs to be sure that they aren’t too bulky or cumbersome on daily walks. Short leashes are featured to be sure that large dogs are able to stay close and under control. This just wouldn’t make a great walking experience for a small dog, so it is important to choose the leash that is most appropriate for your dog.