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We really liked this new dog bowl and we plan on continuing to use it as Stetson’s regular dog bowl. If we find any other pluses or minuses to this new bowl then we’ll let you know about it with a follow up blog post. However, at this point I have to say it’s our favorite of the slow feeder dog bowls we’ve reviewed.
Over the years we’ve tested several slow feeder dog bowls, but we’ve only tested 3 that we truly liked for Stetson.
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We haven’t tried all of the slow feeder dog bowls on the market (yet), but we have tried quite a few. In fact, when we first started looking for a solution to Stetson’s fast eating over 5 years ago we were only able to find 1 dog bowl designed for fast eating dogs. I have carefully researched slow feed dog bowls and food puzzle toys and have chosen a select few to feature on my website.
Photo provided by FlickrHere’s our new slow feeder dog bowl which came in some very nice packaging quite different from bowls we reviewed in the past.
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From slow eating bowls to app-enabled automatic feeders, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best dog bowls to help you pick the best for your furry friend. Dog bowls are not about enhancing home decor, but the Pets Slow Feeder dog bowl does just that and more. Featuring melamine and silicone materials, a sleek design, and non-skid bottom, this Slow Feeder is dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to hold enough to feed up to large dog breeds. Available in off-white or soft pastels, the dog bowl prevents Fido from wolfing down his kibble by utilizing three center posts to encourage food chasing. Stylish enough to leave out all day, the Martha Stewart Slow Feeder is an elegant departure from standard stainless steel bowls. * MAKE EVERY MEAL TIME FUN INTERACTIVE AND CHALLENGING - Slow down dog bowls allow your pets meal times to be much more as nature intended and stop feed times becoming boring.Despite an increased awareness of the causes, bloat is still a relatively common occurrence. And, even with treatment, 25% – 40% of dogs do not survive GDV. That’s why any pet parent’s best bet is to nip bloat in the bud. And that’s where our new Slo-Bowl® Slow Feed Dog Bowls come in. - Our black Labrador Retriever Stetson is a fast eater. For several years now we've been searching for a good slow feeder dog bowl. So far we've reviewed several of these types of dog bowls, but haven't found one we truly liked. Today we're reviewing the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl and after initial inspection it appears to be a very good dog bowl for fast eaters. Take a look at the video review and don't forget to check out our blog posts.How I made "slow feed" bowls for my dogs. Each dog will be different but the same principle applies. It's trial and error as in my case when I decided on the second design for Charlie as it worked even better. Something else you can do for larger dogs is bring bolts horizontal through the sides. Always use the acorn nuts to terminate the ends of the bolts for safety.Do you have a slow feeder dog bowl that works well for your dog? If so, please tell us about it in the comment section below. In the coming days we will review the KONG Wobbler, another dog toy that can help with fast eating dogs. So don’t forget to follow us:Option 1: Slow Feed Dog Bowls.
A is a special dog bowl which is specifically designed to slow a dog's eating down. It has one or more domes or raised partitions that serve as an obstruction. The idea is that the obstruction causes a dog to slow down because he has to maneuver around the raised portions of the bowl to get to his food.