Buy Your 6' Mountain Dog Super Slip Lead

 Buy Your 6' Mountain Dog Super Slip Lead
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I once worked with a dog reactive dog that the owner had on a head collar and I could see how uncomfortable and stressed the dog was wearing it. Once I removed the collar and put him on a slip lead (see below) he immediately relaxed and was so much less reactive. True story.
If you’re not sure if a slip lead is right for your dog, let me know what questions you have.
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The Mendota British Style Slip leads have been used for years by trainers and handlers and have now become a favorite of pet owners. This leash and collar combination features an adjustable leather slide eliminating slipping off, yet releasing properly in relaxed position. Perfect for exercising, walking and training! Simply place the loop over your dogs head and adjust the slide for a perfect fit. Mendota Slip Leads are soft on the hands with a comfortable, broken-in feel and pliable enough to fit in your pocket. Quick and easy to put on and take off, these slip leads have quickly become a favorite for their quality, workmanship and simplicity. Handcrafted in the USA using only the finest materials, these dog leads are waterproof, colorfast and UV coated to protect against fading. Handmade Paracord Beaded Show Dog Lead (Slip Lead)
Photo provided by FlickrSlip Dog Lead Reflective Blue 6ft.
Photo provided by FlickrSlip the loop over the dog's head. By pulling the utility cord you can adjust the slip lead easily as needed without reaching towards the dog.
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British style slip leads are a leash and collar all in one solution! Many professional handlers use these convenient leashes for training purposes. This 6-foot leash and collar all-in-one design gives you quick control over your dog and gives you the ability for a quick correction much like a choke collar. Adjustable leather slide eliminates slipping off, yet releases properly in relaxed position. Roughly ½" diameter braided nylon rope.I love the patterns available in Lupine slip leads! They are so rugged and can take wash after wash. I use them as a drag line around my home and work when I have several dogs out and about to help keep control of them all so leashes can get pretty grungy! My favorite go to lead!!!Flat-buckle collars are now the preferred canine neckwear for both walking and training. However, some dogs find themselves in situations for which slip leads and leashes are more appropriate. Conformation shows, performance events and even grooming or vet appointments might call for slip leads or leashes. In most of these situations slip leads and leashes are used for ease of application or removal rather than to discipline.The Leather Slip Leash is a 6 foot versatile item that has long been a favorite with veterinarians and professional kennel operators. In place of a bolt snap our Leather Slip Leash has a nickel-plated, steel ring braided on the end. By passing the lead through the ring you have a lead and leather slip collar all in one. A handy item around a kennel, because it allows you to move dogs from one place to another without having to put a collar on and off each time. We recommend the two smallest widths for lead-breaking young puppies (the leather is less severe on a puppy's neck than even a light chain collar).Get it on Amazon here:

Best Slip Dog Lead Leash Collar by Mendota - Review and Demo

The best way to walk & control your dog is with a Slip Lead. Mendota makes a high quality lead at an affordable price sold on Amazon. Click the link to see all the available colors/sizes on Amazon:

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See product reviews of the best electronics, appliances, offices supplies and more on my Product Review Playlist: When you put the slip lead on your dog, remember that it should be formed like a P when the dog stands on your left side, because then the leash will be slack at once, if it for some reason should get stretched.