Replace Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door

Replace Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door
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, and sliding glass pet doors for pets of all kinds, are available through JGM Pet Doors. In addition to dog doors for sliding doors our products and services also include doors with dog doors, replacement doors, , doors for walls and windows and expert pet door installation. Our pet door installers serve residents of Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, and our many makes and models are available to clients nationwide. When you work with us you should expect the best, and our promise to you is that you will never be disappointed. Simply put, we do custom pet doors better than anybody else. Call today and let's begin the process of creating a little more freedom in the life of both you and your pet.
Replace Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door
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At FlexPetz, we only sell products that we would be comfortable using in our homes. The Petsafe Patio Panels we sell are made of sturdy aluminum with tempered glass for the safety of your pets and family. Additionally, the Petsafe door systems include energy saving UltraSeal technology to minimize the loss of climate control that is standard with so many dog doors for sliding glass doors. sliding glass door with dog door built in
Photo provided by FlickrReplace Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door
Photo provided by Flickrsliding glass door with dog door built in
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dog house doorPatio panel pet doors go by many names, but they all offer great solutions to add a doggie door or cat door to your sliding glass door. No need to cut a hole in a door or wall. No need to modify your sliding glass door framing. When you move, take it with you. Look below for some of the best pet doors for sliding glass doors. The Hale In-Glass door is a pet door sold for installation in a glass window. We have one to fit , and another for . With the single pane version you get a pet door frame with a 3/16" slot on the top and side, and a 3/16" edge on the other two sides where it plugs into the frame. On the double pane glass model, you get is the pet door, "compensating strips" which attach the female end of the pet door frame to the female end of the door frame, and a buildout. The buildout is a piece of framing that goes between the glass and the pet door frame, to build it out to the thickness of a regular door. We are using a pet door for a regular door in this case, so it was made to fit a normal 1 3/4" thick door. So if your glass is 1" thick, we would provide the door along with a 3/4" buildout so that the pet door would fit correctly. We can avoid the build out by cutting the pet door frame down to fit the glass. I prefer this option because it looks better and it fits a lot more flush against the window itself. The outside frame only sticks out about 3/16", so you can usually open the slider all the way with the pet door installed. With the buildout installed on the inside of the door the situation would be the same, but you are looking at the buildout. If you put the buildout on the outside of the door, it's less noticeable, but adds enough thickness that you probably won't be able to open the door all the way. The downside to having the pet door cut to fit the glass is that it is then considered a custom order and is non-refundable. The installation of this pet door will need to be done by a local glass company, and it is usually fairly expensive. For dual pane glass installations, it is usually north of $1000 for the glass work alone, and then factor in the price of the pet door itself. One problem with these doors for the taller dogs is the rise. You can't choose to put the pet door higher in this case, it goes in a notch in the glass in the bottom corner, so the pet door flap will be roughly 1.5" or 2" above the sliding door frame. This door uses the same secure locking cover as the Hale Panel.In recent years vinyl framed sliding glass doors have become much more common and there are doggie doors for sliding glass doors designed specifically for that situation. We suggest starting with these and then moving to a general purpose type if there is some feature missing or if it doesn't seem to meet your needs.