Single Pet Step for your Cat or Dog

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Starting a dog walking business is a fairly straightforward, way to enter the animal industry. You can get your business off to a great start by following a few simple steps:
Sea-Dog Single-Step Swim Platform Kit with Ladder | Bass Pro Shops
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Steps are ideal when your dog or cat is able to climb stairs. With the exception of the Single Step, each step is 6½″high and 10″deep (similar in dimension to standard "people" steps). Our Single Step is 8½″high. A pooch with their front paws on the single step · A cat perches on a double step while a triple step is on the side. A big dog climbs the big double steps.
Photo provided by FlickrStep into a relaxing swim and hop back in the boat more easily with the Sea-Dog® Single-Step Swim Platform Kit with Ladder
Photo provided by FlickrThe first step involves the dogs which are most preferable for the lifestyle of single people looking to go into serious relationships
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Less of a set of steps and more of a single one, the PortablePET Twistep is a semi-permanent solution for any dog who has trouble getting into the car on their own.When your dog partner understands the game of touching the crate or cage using the target pet's name, the next step is to add the "3 Ds"—Distance, Duration, and Distraction. Start with distance to teach your partner dog how to search for the target pet. is a smaller version of those listed at #9 and #5. These steps also cost significantly less but are just as well made. The reason this item is included in our best dog steps for bed list is due to its extremely sturdy design, which can easily support dogs up to 150 pounds (which is surprising after you see the product live).The final step in teaching your dog partner how to find a target pet is training an alert. The alert is a linked behavior, connected to the dog partner finding the target pet. Most dogs will have an alert naturally. An alert, the key to knowing that your dog found the target pet, might be any of the following: tail wag, touch (especially after using the targeting exercise), jump up, bark, excitement, or showing some other behavior.Whatever issue your pet might have – arthritis, hip problems, joint or aging issues – every single step is individually fabricated to provide the maximum support for your dog's weight distribution. Made in the USA, it's almost as good as the #1 option. Almost.Once at least two of your dogs have learned to walk politely on leash individually—even in exciting environments—you can start walking them together. Have a different handler for each dog, at least initially, if possible. As always, it's important to make things easier in other ways now that you have added a big distraction (the other dog) to the environment, so start out in a relatively boring place and click and treat for a J-shaped leash while you are standing still, and then after a single step, and so on.This is a fully carpeted pet step for dogs and cats -- with aselection of carpet colors and non-skid options. It is perfect for chairs as well as a low sofa or couch. The singlestep is 8 ½" high, 18" wide and 12 ½" deep. Weight: 14 lbs . However, there are proven methods to help protect and prevent heartworm disease in dogs. Recently revealed at the 2016 AVMA Convention in San Antonio, Dr. John McCall presented his on fighting heartworm disease in dogs. A multi-modal approach is the next step in advancing the outdated approach to the heartworm prevention protocol. The new data shows that blocking transmission from dogs to mosquitoes, and from mosquitoes to dogs, using repellents/insecticides and macrocyclic lactone preventives is part of a multi-modal approach. Phase 1 of McCall’s research showed the value of topical repellent insecticidal products in a “double defense” protocol for protecting dogs against the vector – the mosquito and use of a preventive against heartworm disease.