Choosing your service dog vest color.

How many different colored vests are there for service dogs and what do the colors ...?
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A great everyday vest, it's comfortable for your dog and lightweight, yet extremely tough. Constructed from two layers of heavy-duty, high-denier fabric and reinforced in the center with our Golden-Tanned Leather, this vest will last for years to come. For your nylon, choose from 13 different colors! Want to know how to size your dog for a service dog vest? Want to see a swatch of our vest colors? or .
Service Dog Air Mesh Vest with laws card and holder. Reflective strip for safety. Custom orders available in different colors and sizes by…
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Handmade, Service Dog Vest, PTSD, Seizure Alert, Emotional Support Dog, Diabetic Alert, Hearing Alert, you choose the embroidery and color. by SewServiceDogs on Etsy Vests For Service Dogs offers our custom made service dog vests in a large variety of color options which you can see on our
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A service dog's vest is an easy identifier to others that the dog is working and shouldn't be bothered or intentionally distracted. The vest indicates to theaters, restaurants, retail stores and other businesses that the dog is specially trained and allowed to go anywhere the person goes -- but its color doesn't signify anything beyond that.What Do the Vest Colors Mean for Service Dogs? Federal Law As of 2009, there is no federal law that associates vest color with a given service role. Specific colors are matters of common practice and owner preference. Penalties Wearing a vest does not mean a dog is qualified to be a service animal. Using a vest to pass off a dog as a trained service animal is a crime. References Department of Justice: Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in Places of Business…Service dog vests have no standard. Red, orange, blue and green vests are common service dog vest colors. The Service Animal Association website says most dogs in service for disabilities wear blue vests. The color of vest your dog wears may depend on your personal preference or on what color the certifying organization gives you.We Offer dog vests in a large variety of color options. Check out the latest color swatches below. Remember, you can also personalize your service dog vest with your dog’s name .We realize how special your dog is to you, particularly when it is an emotional support dog or a service pet. We carry service starter packages, dog backpacks, dog goggles, service dog vests, collars, leashes, and more. We also carry ID badges and tags to hold your service dog certification for safe keeping, and service dog patches to let others know about your special pet, and any warnings that need to be provided for everyone’s safety. We know that working dogs are extremely important to disabled veterans, K9 officers, search and rescue crews, hunters, or those suffering from PTSD, autism, anxiety, seizures, or hearing and vision problems. Here at Vests For Service Dogs, we understand that quality dog gear is essential to both you and your dog. Our products are made with the highest quality materials for tough, reliable gear.We Offer dog vests in a large variety of color options. Check out the latest color swatches below. Remember, you can also personalize your service dog vest with your dog’s name .