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Service dogs can be identified by a harness, backpack, or vest, which may sometimes be colored to indicate the type of service dog. The color blue indicates a dog for an individual with a disability.
Service dog backpacks come in many styles. Here's a small sample of what is available.
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Dogs have been considered for centuries. One possible theory for the evolution of this relationship suggests that wild wolves wandered into human encampments thousands of years ago. By doing this and remaining bold, yet friendly, an emotional connection was forged between humans and wolves, leading to the eventual domestication of the animal that would spur the species on to branch off into many of the common we recognize today. This connection between dog and human shows no signs of changing anytime soon. As dogs are pack animals, they appreciate having a job to do. This can involve herding, chasing a toy, acting as a service animal, or simply tagging along on a camping trip. For that reason, it makes sense that a dog should be equipped with his own backpack to carry his own gear (and yours) when following you on the trail or going for a walk. CozyHorse Service Dog Harness Vest Backpack style by COZYHORSE
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A wheelchair pulling dog may need a set of backpacks, and a harness or a combination of both. The companies below have specific products for Service (Assistance) Dogs, including leashes that are varying lengths.Service Dog Harness with Removable Saddle Bag Dogs Backpack Harness Pack Carrier Traveling Carrying Bag. 2 removable Velcro patches. Please measure dog before ordering. Made by Doggie StylzCozyHorse Service Dog Harness Vest -Backpack style vest made to fit a Harness - Guide / Mobility / Assistance or similar type Harness - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes! If we were just looking for a fashionable backpack, then color choices would be a matter of personal taste. However, the color of a service dog's backpack usually designates which job he has been trained to do. Traditional color designations: A service dog backpack makes it possible for assistance canines to carry around items their person may need to help them get through their day. The variety of items carried in a pack could range from medical supplies to personal aids to smaller rescue tools and the dog's own water bottle. It all depends on the dog's occupation. However, the backpack must weigh no more than 18 pounds when fully loaded. This maximum limit keeps the dog from tiring quicker than need be, and also prevents excessive wear on his spine, shoulders and other joints. Our plus saddle bags are more versatile than traditional dog backpacks and service dog vests. Service dogs fill many roles and positions from caretakers to guardians to emotional supporters. These dogs are literally taken everywhere! Why take multiple trips out to the car to pick up items such as dog bags, water, dog treats, or dog food for your best friend when he can carry it himself?