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Your senior dog may have liked to rip even the toughest toys to shreds in his youth, but he may be discouraged from play with such rough toys now. Grab your dog a Kong or another toy with soft rubber that will be easy on their jaw and last a lifetime. To encourage play, feel free to stuff the Kong with a as a bonus.
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Once a dog reaches the age of 8 to 10 years, depending on the breed, he is a senior. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need toys. The best way to keep an older dog healthy and happy is to keep him active. Toys for Senior Dogs | Pup's Place
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Playtime is essential for your senior dog. Not only does he enjoy fun and games, he needs them to keep mentally and physically fit. An active dog is a happy dog. If your pup loved catching Frisbees or playing with dog chew toys as a youngster, he still finds it enjoyable in his later years so long as he has the right toys. Try out the following 10 toys and games which are specifically designed to cater to your elderly canine’s needs.As my own dogs inch closer to the senior phase of life I am finding myself more and more interested in toys and products that are tailored to senior dogs. Of course, our top three choices for senior dog toys follow our standard of safe and responsible pet care.Just because your dog is old doesn’t mean he wants to snooze on the couch all day. KONG toys help reestablish play and exercise in your senior pet and make him feel like a puppy again. These toys are made with gentle rubber formula, which doesn’t get sharp when chewed and is easy on their teeth and jaw muscles. Stuff the with treats to keep your dog busy for prolonged periods. Kong toys are mentally and physically stimulating puzzles that help prevent boredom, separation anxiety and other behavioral issues in your pet.If your dog has very few teeth (or no teeth), as is often the case with senior dogs, it’s still important for your dog to have some toys of his own to play with. All those years under his belt makes your dog a very smart one. Providing mental stimulation for your senior dog is key to keeping him entertained in his later years. Puzzles and interactive toys that store treats inside are ideal for dogs that cannot do more strenuous exercise. The is a bone shaped puzzle made of press board wood, with holes for treats big enough for the dog to get the treats out, making it an enjoyable experience. Revolutionary design makes these toys bounce unpredictably in every direction. Stuff Senior Kongs® with treats for even more fun. An ideal way to stimulate play and exercise in older dogs. Soft rubber is great for light chewers and gentle for older dogs’ sensitive teeth. Non-splintering, non-abrasive, and does not get sharp when chewed.Made of thick, puncture-resistant rubber. Dome shape is hollow in the center.Small 2 3/4"Medium 3 1/2" Large 4 1/4"