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I am so relieved that finally someone has thought about making a collar safe for our dogs.
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“If you’re nervous about having your dog naked (and without ID), use a collar with a buckle that can be released even under tension. Another option is a safety breakaway collar.”
Good eye. That dog collar wasn’t in the safe—he’d just placed it there for the shot.
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I think this is an issue that is not getting enough attention. We are so used to looking a collars as a safety device. I just wrote about this in my blog to spread the word. Thanks for bringing this to my attention again. My dogs always play without collars on, because one of them is a terrible collar grabber, but it is definitely something I need to remind my clients of more often. I also posted a video of my dog grabbing another dog by the collar. Nothing happened, but I think it shows how easily something could go wrong. When her beloved dogs are loving life and playing hard, Karin knows they are protected from collar strangulation by their KeepSafe Collars.
Photo provided by FlickrHow safe is your dog’s collar?
Photo provided by FlickrUnderground Containment Collar for Large Dogs (Pet Safe Compatible) Available in Sizes: 12″-17″, 16″-24″, 19″-31″
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No bark dog collars deliver a shock to your dog each time he barks. According to manufacturer web site, these collars fit dogs as small as two pounds, which encompasses almost every dog. However, the safety of these collars, for any size of dog, is a different matter.5)Can another dog training collar remote activate my unit?
This is a great technical question and it depends on your manufacturer. In our unit, we utilize a pairing algorithm for each dog shock collar and transmitter. Each remote trainer transmitter has a unique code in it. When we say unique, that means that the remote trainer IS THE ONLY ONE ever manufacturer with that unique ID. We have space in our software for up to several million unique ids for each possible transmitter. Now we know our product is great, but we have not quite yet sold several million dog training collars yet. This means that your dog shock collar cannot and will not ever be able to be controlled by another OutstandingPet dog training collar. But that does not mean that everyone has the same level of safety programmed in to their collars.In the last five years, there has been a proliferation of imported low-priced units that are incorrectly designed and can hurt your dog. These dog training collars are not using the correct pulse wave from their collars — from an engineering standpoint, they essentially are trying to reproduce the static correction but instead of using a static “punch” they are releasing raw electricity at high levels which will burn your dog’s skin over repeated use. From a user standpoint, the product appears to be having the desired effect; however, the poor dogs that use these electronic training collars, are being burned. Designing a safe dog shock collar, truly is not a completely trivial task. To design the correct circuit which can be used on dog, requires higher cost components and greater levels of engineering skill than what we have seen so far.SafeCalm Dog Training Collars work; they are safe, comfortable, don’t restrict vision, or touch a dog's throat. It's a quick way to create instant calm and focus. The SafeCalm Collar helps or fixes all behavior issues. It simulates a mother dog calming her puppy by nudging its snout with her mouth, the first calming sensation a dog experiences; it means "You're safe, be calm". Similarly to the shock method used in lower priced products, many of these dog shock collars utilize a pairing process that may have several hundred unique ids. The reasoning is that there is a 1/300 chance that two buyers of their product would be using the product at the same time. In theory this seems reasonable, however, in practice it would be business malpractice for us to design a dog training product with a 1/300 chance of being controlled by another unit we sold. These companies have the benefit of generally being overseas and not under the laws and jurisdiction of the United States of America. It takes time and skill to design an electronic dog training collar that utilized millions of uniques IDs to keep you and your pet safe.Your dog’s collar also comes handy should you quickly get a hold of your dog or quickly attach a leash to it. However, the same collar one perceives as “safe” can pose great dangers and even cause death.