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Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots - Blaze Orange - X-Large, 80 lbs. and Up
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These high-performance boots feature a rugged and resilient Ruffwear-designed Vibram outsole that provides exceptional traction on varied terrain. Breathable mesh upper provides ventilation and keeps dirt and debris out. Closure system combines hook-and-loop with hardware, cinching around the narrowest part of the dog’s leg to provide a secure fit.
Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots - Black
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Measure your dog's foot to make sure your Rugged Dog Boots are the right size. Place his foot on a piece of paper and press down on the top of it, mimicking how the foot spreads when he is walking. Mark the left and right sides of his foot on the paper and measure the distance between the marks. Compare this to the boot sizes. The width of his foot should be smaller than the boot size. For example, if his foot width is 2", order a Small boot at 2 1/4". 303R Ultra Paws® Rugged Dog Boots
Photo provided by FlickrUltra Paws Rugged Dog Boots - XL
Photo provided by FlickrUltra Paws Rugged Dog Boots
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Rugged Dog Boots are easy to put on, with expanding side seams and two adjustable Velcro closures. Neoprene foam cushions your dog's foot around the closures. The sole is made of "Reprotek," a 1.2mm thick recycled tire material that is flexible, skid-resistant and durable -- perfect for tough outdoor use. Rugged Dog Boots are water resistant to perform in wet or dry, hot or cold conditions. Available in 4 sizes.Dog Boots For Any TerrainWhether it is on pavement, rugged terrain, or even snow, we carry a dog boot to fit your dog's needs. Click around and see which style is best for your dog. Dog boots are great for active dogs, dogs with paw injuries, or even just for giving needed traction on surfaces such as wood floors, tile, or boat decks.Béla is 12 years old but my family adopted her from the local shelter when she was a puppy. Our house recently had some construction work done and as a result our yard is a muddy mess. Béla and our other dog, Joanna, were tracking mud in every time we let them out. The boots are the perfect solution to keeping mud off the carpets and letting our sweet dogs enjoy being outside. - Beth A., (Ultra Paws® Rugged)I ordered the Rugged dog boots for my aging Great Dane, Apache, who loves her walks but often found it difficult walking on gravel and rough ground. She used to avoid the gravel at all costs! After 5 minutes of paddle-walking to get used to them, she is running in the gravel and having a grand time on her walks! These boots took 5 years off of her! She can't wait to put them on! The best investment I have ever made in dog stuff! Coleen M., Ohio (Ultra Paws® Rugged)Unfortunately, there isn't a perfect solution for dogs that drag their feet. - we haven't found a material that will stand up to dragging and still be comfortable for the dog. Some customers use the Rugged boots and then apply Shoe Goo as wear appears.I recently purchased a set of your Ultra Paws Rugged Dog boots for my yellow lab Sammie and I wanted to let you know I was very happy with them. Each year we take a quail and pheasant hunting trip to southern Kansas. The area we hunt is pretty rugged and there are lots of sand-burrs and ground cactus along with lots of sand, gravel and sharp rocks. It is very hard on a dogs paws if they aren't used to those conditions. Over the years I've tried several other brands of dog boots and normally they are totally shredded on the first day, if they even make it till noon. But these boots held up very well. We hunted hard for 3 solid days and they were still functioning pretty well at the end of the trip. I've never had other brands last anything near that long. Given the heavy grass we sometimes encounter I took the precaution of putting duct tape over the velcro to make sure they didn't get pulled off and that worked. I'm not sure if I had to do that or not, but it worked. I've had others get lost when the weeds pulled the velcro lose. These are the best boots I've been able to find for difficult hunting conditions like we see in that region. John D., Minnesota(Ultra Paws® Rugged)