Everyone knows how Rottweiler dogs look and act, right? WRONG!

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Rottweilers are tough, strong dogs. And they know their own strength. Their uflappable self-confidence and intelligence—when properly trained and socialized—can result in a loving, devoted and sometimes laid-back companion.
Rottweiler one year old dog trying to attack man
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The American Rottweiler Club newsletter, the ARK, is published quarterly and sent to all members. It also includes a yearly National Specialty Show Supplement. Each issue includes information on club business, health issues, dog sports, advertisements on litters, show dogs, etc. Rottweiler dogs aren't bullies, and they shouldn't show indiscriminate aggression.
Photo provided by PexelsRottweilers can make loyal and trustworthy pets that are worthy of the distinction of guard dog.
Photo provided by PexelsA true  dog, the Rottweiler can excel as a police dog, herding ,  dog,  and obedience competitor.
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A Rottweiler is a medium large dog breed that is said to have originated from Germany. The said breed is known for its muscular black body, marked with tan patches on the eyebrows, cheeks, muzzle, legs and even the underside of the tail. It has a broad head and a rounded forehead. While the inner cheeks of a Rottweiler may have black patches, the tongue should be pink. A pure bred Rottweiler can easily be distinguished by its warm, dark brown eyes and often projects an alert and fearless demeanor by wrinkling its forehead. Its coat is of medium length and consists of a rough top coat and a waterproof undercoat. A Rottweiler’s tail is docked at the first joint and it has become common practice to have this removed soon after birth for both practical and cosmetic reasons. The practice, however, triggered numerous debates, stating that it is cruel to let the dog experience such pain early on in his life.
A Rottweiler’s personality depends on the experience of its owner in training such a breed. This type of dog is not recommended for inexperienced dog owners. However, under the right circumstances, it can prove to be an active and loyal companion who is devoted to its owner and family. It thrives on constant attention and can grow up to be very intelligent and playful. While the male Rottweiler is more of a silent observer, the female Rottweiler uses its bark in order to protect her turf. It may go very still before it attacks, which usually happens without a warning growl. A Rottweiler can become very fierce and aggressive, especially in unfamiliar surroundings and situations. Constant socialization with people and other animals is advised early on in the dog’s life. The Rottweiler is an old breed. History states that it was used to herd cattle during the days of the Roman Empire. During World War 1, however, Rottweilers were used as police dogs, thanks to their amazing strength and uncanny intelligence. Before jumping right into life expectancy, let’s get to know our furry friend! The Rottweiler is also known as the Rottie, Rottweil Metzgerhund – Butcher’s Dog, or just simply the Rott. They are gentle, obedient, and all around good natured dogs. So the big question is, what is the life expectancy of the Rottweiler? Well, first we must understand what a Rottweiler really is and where they came from.