Red Dingo Classic Multipurpose Dog Leads

Red Dingo Vivid PVC Fixed Length Dog Leads
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Hartman & Rose specializes in the finest luxury dog collars and leads. Using exquisite natural Italian 100% full-grain vegetable dyed eco-friendly leather combined with elegant Italian hardware. Inspired by the classic appeal of Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, Fendi and more, each collar and lead is created with close attention to detail. All collars and leads are hand skived for smooth seams and finished with hand polishing and hand painting of the edges.
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Every year the EPA releases a list called the "," which documents which industrial sites create waste that is considered to be toxic by the EPA. Red Dog Mine is site on the due to the high metal content of waste rock that is generated by thisoperation. Because these rocks contain zinc, lead, and other toxicmetals they are reported as being released into the environment anytimethey are moved or processed. Teck takes to emphasize that this is not "pollution" but simply reflective of theminerals that were naturally present in the rock. However, fracturingthe rock in blasting greatly increases its surface area, which leads tofar more leaching of toxic compounds. Waste rock at Red Dog leachesacid and increases soluble metal levels, requiring water treatment. Douglas Paquette RED - REFLECTIVE DOG COLLARS, DOG LEADS
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