Apr 6, 2015 - peanut butter pumpkin cookies for dogs

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Great recipe, I made them today, thanks, my dogs love them. I’ve been hearing how pumpkin is so good for the dogs, and one of ours has a (*tmi*) leaky anal gland problem, peee-ew. I’m hoping 2-3 cookies a day will help neutralize that odour as I’ve been reading so many success stories!
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I made the #1Pumpkin Dog Cookies and my dogs love them! I cut corners by rolling out the dough to the size of the cookie sheet and I then transferred the entire sheet of dough to the cookie sheet. Then I used a carving knife to score the sheet of dough into bite-size rectangular pieces. I baked it like that and broke the pieces apart after it cooled. It worked perfectly and was way easier than cutting into separate pieces before baking. Nov 24, 2015 - Pumpkin is just as healthy for your dog as it is for you
Photo provided by PexelsYour dog is sure to appreciate some homemade pumpkin treats
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Given that Phoebe is practically part goat and will eat just about anything, I don’t often make homemade dog treats, but for special occasions I like to spoil her a bit. I made a dog-sized two-layer for her first adoptiversary. On her last birthday (or rather, the day we picked to observe her birthday), we had leftovers for dinner, but Phoebe had homemade tuna noodle casserole from a dog cookbook my brother and sister-in-law had gifted to Phoebe. And in honor of her adoptiversary this week, I baked these peanut butter pumpkin cookies for her!Made the pumpkin treats, and they were a big hit for the dogs! I used a bone cookie cutter, and they are perfect! Super easy recipe, and something I will definitely make in the future!We know that cooking up pumpkin snacks for your dog might feel a little excessive, but it's not. And the folks at, who made this awesome chart and dog treat recipe below, prove it to us but letting us know we're not the only ones who love our dogs this much.Make pumpkin cookies for your dog with my homemade pumpkin dog treat recipe. Pumpkin is very healthy for dogs and it provides roughage and lots of nutrients, in addition to being yummy.My sister and brother-in-laws’ dogs, Casey and Sammie, In fact, it’s their very favorite dog treat flavor. Casey and Sammie certainly gobble up these pumpkin dog cookies when I make the treats for them.Great recipe, I use buckwheat flour for my dog treats, it’s wheat and gluten free. I’ve also made these and subbed out pumpkin or peanut butter (depending on the flavor profile) for baby food. Just be sure you use natural baby food with no added sugar, onion, etc. My dogs love blueberry and apple, mix that pumpkin and you have a winner! I use my dog nose print and paw print cookie cutters.