Features of Zinger Professional Aluminum Dog Crate:

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As the above links prove, professional dog trainers and canine behavior experts will tell you that crate training a dog will help tremendously in the house training process.
The Professional line of aluminum dog boxes are designed to be the most secure and safest of the Zinger dog crates.
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For Maricela, the decision to translate her fine art into functional pieces of art came about organically, the result of two well-timed realizations: a personal need for a design solution in her own home, and the growth of her professional network. Her first foray into unique canine accessories of fancy dog crates & gates involved honoring the memory of her late mother and reinterpreting a piece from her own repertoire — a series of monotype prints of her mother’s floral veil. Shortly after, her line expanded to include several design options for multiple purposes including fancy dog steps, dog play pens, tables and fencing. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) recommends dog crates as a means for safe and effective training and transporting.
Photo provided by FlickrPet Tek DPK86003 Dream Crate Professional Series 300 Dog Crate, 30 by 19 by 22-Inch, Black *** Review more details here : Dog cages
Photo provided by FlickrPurpose built to contain your aggressive or powerful dog, this ProSelect Professional Crate for Houdini dogs is strong and robust.
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Choosing the proper size dog crate for your dog should involve a number of considerations. Depending on the gender and the possibility of mixed ancestry, your dog may need a crate that is larger or smaller than the one listed. Please consult your pet professional for additional guidance.“The Association of Professional Dog Trainers recommends the use of crates for puppies and dogs as a short-term training tool and as safety equipment throughout the dog’s life.” ()While many pet owners dislike the idea of dog crates and the whole crate training in general, canine experts and professional dog trainers suggest (, , , and ) that dogs enjoy being in crates and that crate training itself is a helpful tool.Dog crates have many uses beyond travel. They can be used as a dog training tool as well as a secure environment. Professional dog trainers understand the value of crate training when it comes to managing a dog’s behavior. Learn how to crate train your dog with these tips.For more advice on using a crate as a training aid, consult with a professional dog trainer. To find a professional trainer near you, contact you local Best Friends. See the section of this website.Most dog trainers, veterinarians and other pet professionals agree that crate training is, hands-down, the most effective way to housebreak your dog if you’re teaching him to relieve himself outside. It can also be a helpful part of an program for dogs who will be papertrained or litter box trained, so let’s talk about how to crate train!LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 31, 2017 / Robert W. Little, who has over two decades of new product and manufacturing experience, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the K-9 Crate Professional Dog Crates.The APDT does not recommend the use of crates as a confinement tool for extended periods – this is a tool best used in conjunction with a comprehensive training and socialization program guided by a professional dog trainer. To find a trainer in your area visit the APDT trainer search page on .