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Aug 10, 2014 - We have included some toys for helping dogs improve their problem-solving skills
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These intelligent dog toys are designed to provide mental stimulation that builds intelligence, and problem solving skills.

They are intended to be used only with their owner and not as an entertainment toy, for when dogs are left alone.

These puzzles range from beginners to intermediate to advanced.

These interactive toys for dogs, focus on problem solving skills, and provide ..
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Dogs are avid problem solvers, but their favorite games are things like hide-and-seek: simple for us, but fun and challenging for them! Their sense of smell is so much better than their vision - dog’s truly see the world with their noses. Our dog puzzle toys and puzzle feeders are designed with this in mind - we make great products for dogs, and their snuffly, foraging, problem-solving mind! Treat Dispenser Toys for dogs are a great way to give your dog some work and use their problem solving skills. They're especially great for puppies!
Photo provided by FlickrSep 11, 2012 - Foraging Toys are the best way to satisfy dogs and cats natural urge to hunt, chew, problem-solve, and play. BENEFITS • Relieves boredom
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Golden Retrievers love attention! These interactive toys for dogs, focus on problem solving skills, and provide mental stimulation.

What he will love the most about them, is the time and attention, he will be receiving from you!

These games are meant to be played with your dog, not as a separate toy that they use to entertain themselves, during your absence.
A bored dog is often a mischievous dog so it is important to ensure that your dog gets proper exercise and has toys that entertain him. Many toys on the market will entertain your dog for a minute or two but your intelligent dog will quickly become bored or uninterested in such a basic toy. Fortunately, there are also many interactive toys on the market that are designed to occupy your dog’s attention for a longer period of time, providing challenging entertainment through problem solving and fun play. Below are some of the best interactive toys for your dog.Renowned Swedish dog psychologist and animal behaviorist Anders Hallgren says, “Thanks to its simplicity, which makes the ActivityMat easy and fast for the dog owner to prepare, and the high content of problems for the dog to solve, the BUSTER ActivityMat is something all dog owners will enjoy as much as their dogs.”

Other BUSTER interactive toys include the Flex Range which contains four unique styles of toys all made from the highest grade of non-toxic, anti-bacterial silicone. The Flex Ball, Flex Star, Flex Bone and Flex Fly Wheel can all act as traditional play toys or can be filled with either dry treats or wet food for an extra special treat.

The Buster Sensory Ball will activate all of a dogs senses. It has a distinctive beef smell, a squeak and rattle to stimulate the sense of hearing, several different textures around the ball for the sense of feel, and three different color patterns to stimulate the sense of sight.These look like something you’d give your toddler. They require the most brainpower; dogs really have to tap into their wily problem-solving natures to figure it out. It’ll help if your dog is familiar with the basic concept of puzzle toys before you try these ones. According to Ottosson, dogs react in various ways to her products. “Certain breeds are more active than others, depending on their original purpose. Working dogs, such as Sheepdogs, often need more mental stimulation and more difficult activity toys than, for example, smaller companion dogs. Other breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers and some Terriers, are also more motivated to look for edible treats. Because of the different motivating factors, I have designed my activity toys with various grades of difficulty. You can begin with the easiest, then try the more challenging. After all, dogs are just like us—the more we try to solve problems, the better we become.”Interactive puzzle toys for dogs were created to entertain and teach problem-solving skills to canines. They fill the gap caused by a lack of mental stimulation, and in our busy lives, they can give us a little breathing room.