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The primary thing for you, the consumer, to understand about pricing is that we know the value of our dogs. If one dog is priced at $3,500 and another is priced at $35,000 there is a reason for that decision. Sometimes the factors we put into that decision will not be related to you and the lower priced dog could be perfectly suitable for you or perhaps the higher priced dog has marketable skills that are of no particular value to you and thus would be over priced for your situation.
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And when you go away, boarding a cat costs about $15 a day, while dogs start at $18 for animals under 30 pounds and scales up for heavier dogs, typically capping out in the mid-$20s. That's the price in both a typical town (), and in the big city (), although there's no shortage of luxury kennels and indulgent doggy day care facilities to milk you out of far more cash. The Bureau of Land Management Price Field Office has decided to end its policy of allowing river runners to bring dogs on Desolation Canyon river trips.
Photo provided by FlickrOct 23, 2012 - Two thousand dollars might seem a small price to pay for the tallest of dogs, also known for a commanding appearance
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The price to value ratio of a protection dog for sale is highly subjective. What is valuable to one person could be totally useless to another and vice versa. When pricing individual family protection dogs we are looking at the dog as a commodity that we can sell. If a certain breed, sex or age range is selling quicker than others, then the price for that product will go up until supply reaches or exceeds demand. So, demand is a big factor in pricing.So, ask and we will tell you exactly our thinking when we priced the dog you are looking to purchase. Be honest with us about your needs, wants and desires. We are very good at helping our clients match the right dog to their needs and their budget. We will be honest with you too. If you tell us that you want a fully off leash trained powerful personal protection dog that is good with kids, cats and crowds, but only have a few thousand to spend we will tell you that such an animal cannot be purchased for that price and anyone that tells you that they have such a dog for that price is either not very knowledgeable or they are flat out lying about the dogs ability and you will be the one left holding the bag after that sale.Age is another factor in pricing. Sometimes we will find ourselves in possession of an older dog due to a divorce or life change situation that forces the owner of a nice dog to have to part with the dog. We will price older dogs down in price simply because they have less service life ahead of them, not due to any lack of ability on their part. The opposite can also be true. We can price a young dog with extremely high potential higher because we can see the amazing potential that the young dog has verses their littermates. Behavioral Problems. Sometimes a individual dog will be priced lower due to a behavioral issue such as they are not good with cats or children or perhaps they don't like to ride in the car. These issues make the dog overall more difficult for us to market, but they might be perfectly suited to someone in the right situation.Several airlines offer cargo flights for dogs, though cargo ticket prices vary widely based on the route and kennel size. As of publication, Delta charges a minimum fee of $178 for most domestic flights and $250 on flights to Alaska, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands, with additional charges based on the pet and carrier weight. Pet Airways offers pet-only flights between a limited number of cities, with flight prices starting at $99 for trips between New York City and the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., area.