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we rescued a golden at age 2, turns out she had epilepsy. She started on 15 mg daily dose phenobarbital, increased to 30 mg at age 5, remained there until she passed at 17 yrs. we’d been told it would shorten her lifespan but we took really good care, minimized stress which would cause break-thru seizures, and we fed her only eukanuba dry (this was when it was a premium food, before all the premium foods now available), and no people food. Our other golden made it to 16 so we did something right.
IMHO, once the phenobarbital dose is stable, you don’t need such frequent labs until the dog is a senior, the dose is increased, or other meds are needed.
My current dog has an autoimmune disease and the specialist was bankrupting us with frequent lab work. We changed vets to someone who actually focused on treating our dog at an affordable cost and his disease is now in remission. We feed him Wellness Core dry and wet, both deeply discounted online.
Find a food your dog does well on and avoid changes which can trigger seizures. Being a premium food doesn’t mean he likes it or that it will agree with him.
Good luck 🙂
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Black Gold Dog Food is a premium high performance dog food formulated by . Made of selected high quality natural wholesome and healthy ingredients with vitamins and minerals - Black Gold Dog Food is for all types of dogs, in all life stages – puppies, adults, seniors, pets, couch potatoes and athletes. Black Gold Pet Foods not only meet - but exceed - the nutrition levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.To ensure that your pet is receiving the best nutrition when you buy dog food online, you should purchase from a trusted vendor like Main Street Seed & Supply. We only carry Diamond Naturals Dog Food and Diamond Premium Dog Food, one of the best brands on the market. Smart dog owners prefer this brand because it contains antioxidants, protein, fiber and supplements like glucosamine to support optimum health.Another way to save money is to buy your food online. Very high quality specialty dog foods are not carried at most of the national chains. In many areas, you need to go to a boutique pet stores or your vet’s office to get your hands on some, and you will usually pay a premium. If you live in a more rural area, that may not even be an option.She noted, however, that the so-called premium pet foods cost three to four times more than supermarket brands. Within the premium brands, there is also a wide price range, yet when the ingredients lists are compared, they are strikingly similar since all have to meet certain nutritional standards. The first five ingredients of nearly every kind of dog and cat food are generally the same, representing protein, fats and , Dr. Nestle said, adding that “anything listed below the salt would be present in only very small amounts.” She and Dr. Nesheim compared 10 premium chicken dinners for dogs and found that all contained basically the same ingredients: All start with chicken or chicken broth, followed by grains and vegetables. The nonpremium brands use more grains and poultry, meat and fish byproducts.I went back and read through your links and I still find them unclear, but I may be missing something. I do find several problems with your site. You state that you carry premium foods, yet the only choices you have are very limited (2 choices of dog food, not 4) subpar options, something I would never choose. So I would be paying $39/month for nothing I would buy. You state that you are different as I can schedule whenever when I want. I am signed up on a website for autoship and yet I can go back and change my delivery to a different time, any day I choose, sooner or later than the original autoship date. I can also change the products I want. So how is your ordering policy different?If you are interested in buying a super premium food that is hard to find locally, then, yes, buying dog food online is a good idea. You can find the food you want. The price for the food will probably be fair, especially if you compare prices at different sites. You can also compare shipping policies and prices and look for any sales. If this is the first time you have purchased this food for your dog you should buy a small amount to start in order to see how your dog likes it. Do this before making a large purchase. You do have to pay shipping costs when you purchase dog food online, but those costs are unavoidable if you are buying a product that’s hard to find.