Bully Sticks for Dogs 12", Premium All Natural Dog Pizzle Chews

Braided Bully Sticks for Dogs, 12
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The fact that dogs inevitably reach for bully pizzle treats is the prime impetus for pet owners to prefer these toys over others. However, another reason is the sheer number of options available when buying bully sticks. You can take your pick from to the which will even keep large dogs engrossed. For the more ardent chewers, you can choose curly bull pizzle toys or the .
I didn’t know what beef pizzle was, very interesting fact! My dogs love bully sticks, and its good for them.
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In addition to offering the best spiral chews, bully treats and pizzle sticks for dogs, Pet Mountain brings all our items at a discounted rate of up to 70% off. Braided Bully Sticks for Dogs, 6-7
Photo provided by PexelsSmokehouse braided pizzle is 100-percent natural treat stick for dogs
Photo provided by PexelsSep 22, 2015 - Dried pizzle is made of…well…ahem…bull penis—and dogs go nuts for it
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While processing, the bull's penis that is usually measures around 23-25 inches in length, is removed and cleaned. Manufactures of bully sticks hang the pizzles vertically to allow containing fluids to fully run out. Without these fluids the bully stick is odorless. At the next stage of processing bully sticks are stretched, twisted and then dried or/and smoked. The outcome is a 30-40 inches long hard brown stick which is then cut into pieces appropriate for dogs of all sizes. You can choose small bully sticks of 4'', large beef pizzles of 36'' and any length between.Bullysticks for dogs are chew toys made from bull penises. Other names for bully sticks include pizzle sticks, steer sticks and beef sticks. These chew toys are made from pure beef and are not only safe for all dogs, but offer a number of benefits. Let's look at the facts about bully sticks for dogs.In the beginning of manufacturing process the bull's penis that is usually 23-25 inches long, is removed and cleaned. It is hung vertically for the fluids contained to fully drain. Without these fluids bully sticks are odor free. At the next stage of processing bull penises are stretched, twisted or braided, dried and then may be smoked for flavor. The result is a 30-40 inches long very hard brown stick which is cut into pieces suitable for dogs of any size. Thus you can buy small bully sticks of 4'', large beef pizzles of 30 inches and any length between, such as 5'', 6'', 7'', 9'' and 12''.As long as you keep calorie intake in mind, bully sticks are largely a safe and enjoyable treat for your dog. In fact, in some countries beef pizzles are also eaten by humans for health benefits! Beef pizzles have:It is normal for manufacturers to make dog treats from tripe, cattle tail, ears, intestines, shin bones, knees and more. So, it does not come as a shocker when they also put the animal’s privates to use, and why not? Most pooch owners would attest to the fact that the smellier the treat the more their dogs love it, and bull pizzle chews do get the stench and a lot more to the table.Dogs go crazy over these sticks. This stick is a USA all natural steer pizzel that is oven baked with no artificial ingredients. It is a high protein, low fat chew and is very digestible for all size dogs. All Jones products are 100% grown and made in the USA.