My dog has pink paws, they seem "raw"

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Take a peek at all four of your dog’s paws and look for red or pink abrasions that resemble burns or look like your dog “skinned” the area. While looking at his paws, take a quick look at each nail for any injury. Abrasions on paw pads are usually paired with torn nails, so check everything.
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Is your chihuahua licking/irritating that one paw you described? If so then no, but if he was born with it and/or if he/she does not show any signs and or symptoms of pain then it is perfectly normal. I see many dogs daily with pink paws. As for the symptoms of a dog being partially blind: Is your dog bumping into more things? Walking amoungst walls and or the fence? Is he becoming more overprotective for no reason? ( this is created many times by dogs that are blind and cannot see well they will try to protect themselves because they are unsure of their surroundings) If you purchased your chihuahua from a breeder, call and ask the breeder if their was any health concerns/ pre-existing problems that could potentially lead to blindness. Do you notice subtle changes in his behaviour? Has he always ran off and infront of you and now sticks by your side like glue? Any more questions , dont hesitate to msg. Pink Dog Paws Fleece Blankets | Zazzle
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Dogs can get dirty rather quickly, especially if they are light colored. Most of the time, coat discoloration results from something they've gotten into. Dirt, garbage and miscellaneous grime that dogs seem to find can all leave ugly, stubborn stains on a light coat, but those stains are easy to recognize. However, if your dog has pink stains on its paws, it could be a sign of a skin infection.shalom, i want to thank you for this advice about dog paws.
my 10 month old vizsla mix just cut her paw pad & is very forlorn. she’s not complaining but is probably in pain.
even before this , her paws were constantly looking like they were worn down to a pinkish, smooth layer & i didnt know how to help her besides for applying aloe vera.
so thanks again for your help!Red, pink or swollen paw pads can result from asphalt burns, insect stings, allergies or trauma, such as stepping on a thorn or sharp object. If your dog presents with this type of symptom, gently wash the area and examine the paw for cuts, puncture wounds or embedded objects. Paws that bleed, are warm to the touch or have a puslike discharge should receive immediate medical attention. Infection could be present and your pup may need an antibiotic.Pink Dog Paws clipart digital papers. There are 16 downloadable digital paper files. These beautiful digital papers can be used for scrapbooking, paper projects, background paper, backdrop paper &/or for your mockup photos for your painted signs or for products for sale online.

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