Pet adoption saves the lives of homeless dogs and cats

Many breeds available, even puppies and kittens
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Hopefully there’s a locally based store that will allow them in…. our local Petsmart still hosts the cats, but rarely dogs. The rescues use other stores for dog adoption events.
I have 4 dogs and I help with local Animal Rescues GUESS WHAT PETSMART you JUST LOST ALL MY BUSINESS! NOW HOW SMART are you now?
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That week, Angela spotted Daisy on the website for Louie's Legacy, PetSmart’s adoption partner in Staten Island, New York, where she and her husband both serve in the US Coast Guard. (She’s a medical clinic supervisor in USCG Sector New York, while he is a mechanic at USCG Station New York.) Not much was known about her background, other than the fact she was rescued from a high-risk shelter in the South, but Daisy was exactly what the family was looking for: a year-and-a-half-old fox terrier-fox hound mix, best suited to a house with other dogs and children, and crate- and house-trained. Lost Paws Rescue of Texas holds adoptions for dogs and cats each weekend at multiple Petsmart locations around Dallas – Fort Worth.
Photo provided by PexelsPetSmart requires dogs to be leashed, and tries to discourage customers from bringing aggressive dogs into stores.
Photo provided by FlickrFive of the pit bull attacks in PetSmart stores resulted in the deaths of other customers’ dogs; three resulted in human injuries.
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Thank you for clicking on our Petfinder page. Please make sure to take the time to read the information we have supplied here as it will have all the information we have available, and all the instructions on how to adopt this beautiful dog!
1st, we are a 3 person Non Profit 501C3 Dog Rescue. Our main goal is to save dogs that would otherwise be euthanized due to not enough people population in the area they live in to adopt them - this is important for you to understand because the dogs that come from these areas are either stray or have lived their entire lives in the shelter in a 4X5 concrete dog run. They are going to have issues that you will need to work on. They will not come with a pedigree, we will give you our guess on the dominant breed of the dog but if you want more information regarding heritage you will have to DNA test the dog. DNA kits are $69. We have no cats or children in our rescue or on our premises.
We are seeking homes with children over the age of 8 years that will commit to training even if it means taking the dog to a professional outside the home.
There is a donation for these cuties, this donation is made to the medical part of the rescue - for example the shots, wormings, spay/neuter, etc......we do not sell dogs - you are not buying a dog. There are no fees for the dog. All medical donations to the 501C3 Non Profit Dog Rescue go to help ALL the dogs in the rescue not just the one your adopting. Our donations are the same as all of the other rescues and the Oregon Humane Society -
As you can see from our Petfinder page we have lots and lots of doggies. So we are only available in person at our adoption events. We very much appreciate you respecting our limits and not emailing to ask if you can see a dog sooner. All dogs/puppies posted are available until their picture is removed from the site, so there is no need to email asking if the dog/puppy is available.
All Dogs/puppies have had at least one vet check and are current on age appropriate shots. NOT ALL dogs/puppies are spayed or neutered yet as we take in more dogs than our vet is able to fix in one week. If the pet your interested in is not fixed already you will be able to foster the dog until it is done or if you live to far away you can still adopt the dog but pick it up at the vet the day its altered. The rescue will explain this in more detail when they see you in person. If you want to see the dog your looking at you need to email the picture of the dog so the rescue knows what dog your referring to.
So if your ready to find your new best friend here is where and when to go:
Next adoption event is Saturday 11 to 5pm at the Petsmart located at 7501 SW Dartmouth Street, Tigard OR 97223Adopting from a rescue is a great way to get the best match for your family. When you get to PetSmart in Texarkana on Saturday, the first thing you’ll notice is the dog rescues are set up in the front of the store with their available to adopt dogs. If you are looking to adopt a cat or kitten, head to the right side of the store and about halfway down you will see the cat room. The cats and kittens are visible through the glass display. The volunteers are usually in the cat room and can help you chose the right cat for your family.Jeri and Samantha run the show at All Terrier Rescue. 7 days a week they are taking care of the dogs you don't see at the Petsmart, running dogs to grooming, vet, specialists, etc. The kennel for the rescue houses anywhere from 50 to 100 dogs at any given time - the dogs come in different stages of health from really, really critical to ok. So its a very very stressful job and a tremendous amount of responsibility to keep everything in tip top shape. Then there is their own pack of lovelies to take care of at home. PetSmart Charities® and PetSmart Charities® of Canada are nonprofit animal welfare organizations that save the lives of homeless pets. More than 400,000 dogs and cats find homes each year through our in all PetSmart® stores and our sponsored .