Elite Little Dog Static Remote Trainer by PetSafe - PDT00-13623

The PetSafe Elite Small Dog Trainer Extra Collar lets you train two dogs at once
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The PetSafe® Elite Little Dog trainer will help you control your little dog without a leash within a range of 400 yards. At the touch of a button, the remote sends a signal that activates your dog’s receiver collar, and he will receive a safe but annoying stimulation. In no time, he will quickly associate his behavior and your correction. Appropriate for both small and large dog breeds, the PetSafe® Elite Little Dog Trainer has been proven to be safe, comfortable and effective.
PetSafe Little Dog Remote Training Collar for Small and Medium Dogs from 8 - 40 lb
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PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer is good for both big dog and little dog training. It is named in Big dog remote trainer but still have a package for a little dog. And both system package works great for both big and small dog.This petsafe elite big dog remote trainer collar works great to train your big dog especially. You can control your dog even from 1k yards away. Below is given few of its highlighted features: The PetSafe PDLDT-13410 Deluxe Little Dog Training Collar is perfect for training your small dog around the yard
Photo provided by FlickrThe PetSafe Little Dog Remote Training Collar is designed to fit small dogs weighing between 8 and 40 pounds with necks as small as 6 to 22 inches.
Photo provided by FlickrJan 30, 2017 - Find PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer in the Dog TrainingDog Training Collar Kit | Brand : PetSafe | Pet Type : Dog | Pet Size : Small to.
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The PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer features a waterproof transmitter and a lightweight receiver collar specially designed for small dogs under 55 pounds. With eight levels of correction and an operating range of 100 yards, you can train your dog to stay by your side without a leash. You have the option of administering a tone-only, static-only or tone and static correction depending on the training needs of your dog.The PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog E-Collar is a simple, cost effective way to train your small dog. Perfect for dogs weighing 5 lbs. or more and utilizes the newest in Nano technology. This is the smallest shock collar available on the market today. The PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Shock Collar allows you to correct your dog with either a tone only or a static correction. Using the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Shock Collar allows you the ability to eliminate unwanted behaviors such as jumping, digging, or any other unwanted behaviors.Teach your little furry friend how to obey your commands off-leash with the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer. This safe and effective electronic training collar system is specifically designed for small dogs between 8 and 40 lb. The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer system features a small dog training collar and a handheld transmitter. With the key to positive behavior in the palm of your hand, you can teach your petite pooch obedience basics like "sit" and "stay" or work to deter unwanted behaviors - all without a leash! The electronic training collar can receive correction signals from up to 400 yards away - ideal for training in your backyard or out at parks so you can practice giving commands over a greater distance. The PetSafe small dog training collar can deliver a tone-only signal for getting your dog's attention as well as 15 different levels of safe static correction. The variety of levels gives you the opportunity to find the setting that is just right for delivering correction to your dog. As your pet learns to obey your commands off-leash, you can both enjoy more freedom both at home and out and about. The effective PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer is completely safe for your little furry friend. When used properly, the electronic training collar and transmitter system can add greater flexibility to your dog's training regimen. This small dog training collar is intended to enhance the training that you are already providing to your pet. Be sure to consult a dog training specialist with any questions regarding remote correction training. The PetSafe Little Dog Remote Training Collar is designed to fit small dogs weighing between 8 and 40 pounds with necks as small as 6 to 22 inches. The waterproof, nylon collar weighs 2.4 ounces, so even the smallest dog will be comfortable.

The small dog remote trainer has 16 adjustable static correction levels with a warning tone feature that you can use with or without a static correction. There is also a +2 boost button that can be used when your dog is distracted. The signal between the lightweight collar and weather-resistant transmitter has a 100 yard range.

The collar and transmitter both use common CR2032 batteries that are very inexpensive. The nylon strap has a Quick-Fit buckle so you will have an easy time putting on and taking off the collar.