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Ideal for transporting puppies and dogs back and forth to the vet, traveling by car, or jetting cross-country by plane, the Petmate comes in multiple sizes to easily handle small or medium sized dogs. Features such as the easy latch gate and extra-wide ventilation holes ensure the pet remains comfortable. The quick assembly instructions allow for easy construction in a matter of minutes. The small size Pet Taxi accommodates up to 10 lbs, the medium handles 10 lbs to 20 lbs, and the large size of this approved dog carrier handles up to 25 lbs with ease.
When it comes to choosing the right pet carriers for dogs up to 20 lbs., there are different things that you should keep in mind
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Dogs are a joy to have. When you have a small dog, sometimes it is much better to have them in a carrier than on a leash. Carriers are a great way to keep them safe and healthy, and to put your mind at ease. The ones that we have listed above are three of the best pet carriers for dogs up to 20 lbs. 11 Travel Carriers For Dogs That Will Make Going Through Customs A Breeze ..
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When you have a small dog, you have many choices when it comes to carriers. There are a wide variety, anything from the basic hard plastic crates to ones that look like designer handbags. When it comes to choosing the right pet carriers for dogs up to 20 lbs., there are different things that you should keep in mind.My 11 lbs. dog flew with us as an in-cabin pet, internationally, for 10 yrs. We flew Continental most of the time -- no one ever checked either the bag or the dog. Once US Customs waved us through -- even when our custom declaration clearly said "live animal - dog." Sometimes we were greatly delayed in US Customs although I always had duplicate copies of necessary documents and knew and followed the rules to the letter. We flew Delta once -- they did check the dog and carrier very carefully. Then ON THE FLIGHT, a flight attendant asked me to take Maggie out because she "just loved dogs" (taking them out during the flight is a big no-no). Worst experience was American. Long long very stressful story, but we showed up at the gate and they said no in-cabin pets on this flight. I had reservations, a reservation confirmation number for Maggie and the names and dates of 6 agents I had spoken with re. various schedule changes, reconfirming the dog each time. They said they would make an exception and put my dog in cargo -- even though it was during the embargo period when the temperatures were too high to fly (90's and heading to Miami in the summer). I nixed that and ultimately the gate manager asked the pilot to allow my dog as long as I would be "discreet." We had to be re-routed on the return flight, at my expense, even though it was American's oversight. I filed a complaint with American to no avail. I will never ever fly them again, even without a dog. Posted by: azogal | April 25, 2014 3:23 PM In this article, we will talk about choosing pet carriers for dogs up to 20 lbs. We will talk about the different styles that are available. When you pick a carrier that matches your dog’s personality and temperament, they will be much more content while they are in it.Rugged and durable, the Petmate Kennel Cab dog carrier meets or exceeds most domestic and international carrier rules for easy transportation and a comfortable place for the dog or puppy to relax. The quick latching gate ensures easy and secure loading. Extra features such as shoulder strap eyelets, a slot, and a top storage compartment for treats or the pet's boarding documents come in handy. Available in both small and medium sizes, this carrier accommodates most small breeds up to 20 lbs.