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Does anyone find their dogs paws more slippery after applying musher’s secret?
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Apply a thin even layer of balm just before going out for a wintery walk. After the walk wipe your dog’s paws with a warm washcloth to remove snow, ice and ice melt. Then apply another layer of balm to soothe any irritation and to keep them from drying out. Bag Balm can be found in most drug stores and pet stores. If you can’t find Bag Balm then Vaseline is an acceptable alternative.
A great help! Thanks for sharing tips on how to tamed demanding or spoiled dogs from pawing all the time.
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Winter can be brutal on our dog’s paw pads. Exposed to the elements and toxic chemicals, the paw pads are at risk for drying, cracking, trauma, frostbite and chemical burns. Luckily, there are some tips and products out there that can help keep your dog’s paws happy and healthy this winter. Before beginning your exam, put on heavy gloves to protect your hands from anything sharp that could be lodged in your dog's paw.
Photo provided by FlickrRecommended by Veterinarians, Paw Pads™ are designed to allow a dogs pads to breathe. They are so ultra thin that dogs will not notice them.
Photo provided by PexelsDogs pads heal quickly and with a little bit of TLC your dog’s paws can be healthy within a few weeks.
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What a privilege, a new dog! A pet is a privilege, not a right. A pet is also a responsibility. Be sure you are prepared to meet a pet's physical and emotional needs. With just a little forethought and planning, introducing a new dog into your home can go smoothly. Starting your puppy off on the right paw, is much easier than correcting problems you have created. Raising a pup to be a well adjusted, mannerly adult may be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life. A pet's purpose is to enhance our lives with the unique joy only they can provide. It is not to be a burden that an untrained, disobedient dog too often becomes. A little doggie sense (that's common sense from your dog's point of view) and an eye to the future will get you and your pup started off on the right paw. Paw Paw is an ointment made with natural ingredients that is formulated to condition, soothe and toughen the pads on your dog’s feet. The main ingredient of the ointment is olive oil, which is a soothing tonic for your dog’s pads. St. John’s Wort, or Hypericum perforatum, Marigold, Calendula officinalis and Ribwort Plantain, Plantago lanceolata, are the active ingredient of Paw Paw ointment for dogs.Paw Paw Ointment is advertised as an ointment meant for treating certain problems with your dog’s paws. When we walk, we usually have shoes and socks to protect our feet from the surfaces we walk on. Your dog’s feet just have extra thick and tough skin on the paws to deal with this harsh environment. You should check them often to protect against serious injury and infection.Paw Paw ointment for dogs is an product chock full of natural ingredients combined to be the most efficacious in treating all kinds of skin irritations, wounds, bruises and infections. It has also been shown to be very effective in maintaining the overall health of your dog’s paws and pads.Ribwort Plantain is a plant that is a weed that was introduced to North America from Europe that has narrow and long leaves and a tall purple flower. Ribworm is another soothing and conditioning agent. However, the chemical make-up of this plant also makes it useful in treating wounds that are deep and infected. Ribworm Plantain is another ingredient that helps the skin of your dog’s paw’s regenerate when injured. This plant was used by many soldiers to treat Civil War battlefield injuries, earning it the secondary name Soldier’s weed.Adopt a Friend for Life rescues homeless, stray and abandoned cats and dogs, as well as assists families with companion animals that need to be re-homed. We offer an alternative to placement in animal control shelters by placing the animals in a loving foster home environment until they can be placed for adoption into permanent homes. While in our care medical and veterinary services are provided to assure proper pet health. Because one of our basic foundational philosophies is the elimination of pet overpopulation, we provide 100% spay/neuter for all animals in our care before adoption is consummated. Another function of our organization is to provide education for pet owners and adoption homes to address various problems associated with sharing life with a 4-footed companion. We strive to enrich the human-animal bond by “building lifelong friendships, 4 paws at a time”.