Outward Hound PupSaver Fun Fish Dog Life Jacket, Small ()

3. The Outward Hound Ripstop Adjustable Dog Life Jacket
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One of my favorite features of the Outward Hound PupSaver Ripstop Dog Life Jacket is the easy grab handles on the jacket. There are two of them, so you can easily grab your dog out of the water and lift your dog into your boat, or on dry land. I can’t tell you how useful this is! Especially in places where it’s difficult to get a grasp of your dog. Like in a canoe or a kayak where you don’t have very much leverage.
Outward Hound PupSaver Fun Fish Dog Life Jacket, Large
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These dogs know how to have a splashing good time! Looking for some fun in the sun this summer? These pups will show you how to set sail into a summer the right way! Hop in! The water’s fine! Safety meets style when sporting an Outward Hound Life Jacket. Keepin’ an eye on the good […] Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket - Yellow: X-Large - (Dog Over 70 lbs - Girth 31 -42) #2524 - Dog Life Jackets & Safety Gear
Photo provided by FlickrTake your dog your a relaxing and safe trip to the lake to cool off in the dog days of summer with the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket!
Photo provided by FlickrMake a splash with Outward Hound dog life jackets
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The Outward Hound Kyjen Ripstop dog life jacket is the top rated dog life jacket according to dog owners. This well-made life jacket has all the safety features doggie parents want with a low price that makes it easy to afford multiples if you have multiple dogs. The most expensive size, the XL, is only about $25 making this dog life jacket something no dog owner should be without. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the Outward Hound Kyjen Ripstop dog life vest:Outward Hound Dog Life Jackets offer high visibility with safety orange colors and reflective accents. They’re easy to adjust and–don’t worry!–comfortable for your pup! With grab handles on the top, rescues are easy!It’s officially summertime! And that means it’s time to take your pup outside and play! If you’re planning on beachin’, boatin’ or hanging poolside with your pup, Outward Hound can help you get geared up and ready to dive into fun with our Dog Life Jackets. We get a lot of questions about the differences between our jackets, so we prepared a quick guide below to help you get started!Why compromise fashion for safety, if you don't have to? That's the idea behind the Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jackets. An excellent dog floatation device for water sports and boating. Bright and attractive, this life jacket will keep your dog buoyant and visible. . A day on the lake is always more fun with your pup, but what if she's not the best swimmer? Problem solved -- Outward Hound's Granby Splash Dog life jacket keeps your pup comfortably afloat, and it comes in high-visibility colors so you can always keep an eye on her. Finding the right size on this outward hound life jacket is challenging. We show you the medium jacket on our demo dog-Wrigley to help you get an idea about size. We really recommend buying the life jacket one size larger than you think you need.