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New Pet Dog Bath Grooming Wash Tub Indoor Outdoor Shampoo Bathing Station Medium
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Bathing a dog at home is easier than ever with a Rinse Ace® Brand dog shower and dog washing accessories. Whether the dog bath takes place in a sink, tub, shower or outdoors, rinsing away dirt and suds is quick with any of the Rinse Ace pet sprayers. Multiple types of sprayers to choose from, to make dog washing easy and simple, are available.
The Petlift Indoor/Outdoor Bath is a total stainless steel tub ideal for large dogs. Perfect for both indoor & outdoor areas!
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Some of the dog bathing stations are so small that they can be fitted inside your kitchen sink. Some are big enough to be kept outdoors. Some are portable so that you can carry them to places of your convenience while bathing your dogs. Based on these variations, we are now going to see some basic types of dog bathing stations. Other Dog Grooming 177794: Elevated Pet Tub Bath Grooming Station Wash Dog Indoor Outdoor Clean Shampoo New BUY IT NOW ONLY: $179.99
Photo provided by FlickrPetlift Indoor Outdoor Dog Bath Tub - Cherrybrook Pet Supplies
Photo provided by FlickrPetlift Indoor Outdoor Bath Tub is ideal for large dogs.
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ThePettom is very similar, if not the same, as the ‘Pyrus’ pool listedfurther down this page, but we are listing this also because it doesinclude some extra variation in size and price. The Pettom is currentlyavailable in three sizes ranging from extra small to large, the latterbeing available in a choice of colors. They are constructed from acombination of tough PVC and MDF which, like most pools with this kindof design, can be folded away after use for storage or transport. Asimple side-plug allows for drainage. As mentioned before on this page,dog pools, as well as being great canine-coolers in the heat, can alsodouble up as basic outdoor dog bath tubs if desired. The reviews so farfor the Pettom are excellent and seem to be echoing those of theaforementioned Pyrus pool – which makes sense because we believe theyare one and the same product, differing in name only!* To keep your dog clean between baths, brush vigorously and regularly -- preferably daily. This is good for the coat and skin, and helps the dog look and smell good. If you are allergic to your pet, wear a mask when you brush...brush outdoors or onto a newspaper indoors to aid in clean up...and wash hands afterwards.* Do not bathe your dog too often because that will dry out the skin, deplete healthy oils from the coat and skin, and lead to scratching and irritation. Frequency is largely dependent on the breed and activities of the dog. Dogs who spend a lot of time outside or engage in outdoor activities that expose them to dirt, bugs and/or debris typically require more bathing, perhaps every 6 weeks or more frequently. Some groomers recommend bathing double-coated breeds only about 3 times a year and suggest that smooth-coated dogs can go a lot longer between baths than can curly-coated breeds such as poodles. Too frequent bathing can cause the coat to soften and reduce its insulating qualities.Asyou can see, despite the title, this is really a pool rather than abath. That said, there’s no reason why a decent pool can’t double up asa basic outdoor dog bath/tub – it still beats the kitchen sink or thehumanbath during fair weather! The Pyrus is available in two sizes (largeand XL) that should accommodate most breeds of dog. After use most ofthe water can be simply drained via a plug on the side of the poolwhich then can be folded down (concertina style) to quite a compactsize, making it easy to store or transport. The design is built fromeco-friendly materials and is strong enough to cope with dogs thatdon’t like to chew or claw. We would suggest, however, that, ifpossible, an extra rubber mat or similar be placed inside to add alittle further protection over time against a dog’s nails. The PyrusPet Bathtub seems quite a popular new release thus far. Our onlycriticism is that we find its price to be a little on the high sidebut, having said that, the reviews are very good and people seem to bevery happy with it!