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Orijen Six Fish Dog Food Review by Mike & Cooper

Hey, thanks for joining us! This video review is for Orijen Six Fish Dog Food. It's a really high quality dog food and we are happy to give it our highest 5 paw rating.

Orijen dog food is made by Champion Petfoods located in Alberta, Canada. The company was founded in 1975 and today they say their foods can be purchased in over 60 countries. They also make a sister brand to Orijen called Acana. Both brands are super premium pet foods sold in selected pet stores and from some online sources. Orijen, in particular, is one of the most expensive dog foods available today.

Many people consider Orijen to be one of the best dog foods on the market today and the company has won awards for the food as Pet Food of the Year from the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, DC. The company has also been named Manufacturer of the Year/Western Canada, and won a Growing Alberta Leadership Award.

Orijen believes you have a right to know where the ingredients in your dog's food come ..
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Our cat Soda loves to eat. When he hears someone add food to his bowl he comes running, no matter where he is in the house. Eating and terrorizing the dog are his main pleasures in life. I recently had he chance to have Soda try some new cat food, Orijen 6 Fish Dry Cat Food from . Mr. Chewy is an online pet supply store that I reviewed a few months ago, which provides mail order pet products conveniently delivered to your door. love it (so does our dog!) and I love the top-quality ingredients used to make it.
Photo provided by FlickrOrijen Dog Food (Canada) - an independent review, star rating and recall history by ..
Photo provided by FlickrOrijen Dog Food (Canada) - an independent review, star rating and recall history by the editors ..
Photo provided by Flickr