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Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Toronto, Ontario.
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Some poodles are just cute, but somehow Vito also has that certain working dog nobility about him -- he looks kind of like a small sheepdog! However, he does have a silly side, and you can see some of that on display . He weighs in at about 11 kilos and he's 42 cm tall, and 70 cm long, so he's a solid, medium-sized guy. Vito is just between 11 and 18 months of age, neutered, vaccinated and house trained. He gets along well with other dogs and is very friendly with people; he has not been tested with cats or young kids.

As Vito is still in Colombia, and the cost to bring him here is approximately $1200.00, which covers cargo airfare and the necessary paperwork. The rescue makes all of the arrangements for the adoptive family, and will pick up Vito at the airport. He will also be micro-chipped. Please contact us if you'd like more info on this noble and deserving dude, and the adoption process.
Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Hamilton, Ontario.
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All of our dogs come from low-income, low-resource animal control facilities (aka “dog pounds”) in Ontario. These facilities do not have the funding for fancy adoption wings with teams of volunteers and staff. These facilities are minimally staffed with over-worked employees. The dogs have a kennel to stay in that is usually dark and loud and chaotic. These facilities are holding kennels for all of the strays and owner surrendered dogs of their counties and townships. They don’t get to pick and choose the dogs they take in. By law, these pounds must take in any dog that is stray or abandoned. Because of this, kennel space fills up quickly and space runs out. Sadly, without rescue, many of the unclaimed or surrendered dogs will be put down to free up kennel space for the next dogs arriving. This is why we at Pound Dog Rescue will only take in dogs from these facilities. These dogs have very few options, the lucky minority gets adopted, and the others face certain death without rescue. It’s these dogs that we focus on and are dedicated to saving. Firefighter Dog Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Pickering, Ontario.
Photo provided by FlickrCanadian Dachshund Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Toronto, Ontario.
Photo provided by FlickrPound Dog Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Drumbo, Ontario.
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Every dog at the age of four months should have a valid dog license. Dog licenses can be obtained from your by providing a valid rabies certificate. The license must be renewed yearly. New York State requires thatany dog adopted from a shelter must have a license, regardless of age, therefore, the Ontario County Humane Society requires you to license your dog within five days of adoption to comply with the law. Darcy made his way to a foster home with one of our rescue vets, he looked pretty rough at that point (see slideshow above for a before-and-after shot), but now this little guy has been neutered, vaccinated and is ready to find a forever family. Darcy is mostly miniature poodle, and it’s difficult to imagine him surviving alone on the streets. He’s extremely timid with new people and visitors to the farm, and sort of freezes on the spot. He is not aggressive, just frightened. But with a gentle touch and some time, he warms up to new people. He gets along well with dogs. Darcy loves the comforts of his new home, and to snuggle in his doggy bed. There is a pampered pooch in there, just waiting to come out, no doubt!

Darcy weighs 6 kilos, and is 34 cm tall and 50 cm long. He's about 2-3 years old, is neutered, vaccinated and house-trained. He will be micro-chipped for his new family. He needs some basic training on how to walk nicely on a leash. He's love a small canine companion as well. Darcy has not been tested with cats or young children, so he's best suited to a home without them. As he’s still in Colombia, the cost to adopt him is about 900.00 which covers cargo airfare and the necessary paper work. The rescue makes all of the arrangements and can pick him up at the airport. If you’re interested in opening your home and your heart to this special little gentleman, please contact us for more information on the adoption process. We have established a long standing and trusting relationship with a rural Ontario animal control facility. We select most of our dogs from this facility but we are open to helping any low resource pound. We take pictures and do write up’s of all of the dogs available to go to rescue organizations and we forward this information in an email to various different trusted rescues across Ontario. We work hand in hand with a large number of rescues to save as many dogs as possible. We at Pound Dog Rescue not only rescue dogs for our own organization, but assist and facilitate the rescue of dogs to a number of other trusted rescue organizations. We evaluate the dogs in need of rescue and we select dogs based on temperament and the criteria our available foster is looking for. We look to match dogs with fosters. We will never force a foster to take on a dog that they are uncomfortable with or ill equipped to handle. Once selected we have the dog vet checked, vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped, and spayed or neutered if required. The dog will then be placed in a preselected foster home to live on a temporary basis where it will be loved and cared for. While in foster care the dog will receive training, socialization, and handling all the while being observed and assessed for behaviour. This way we really get to know the dogs in our care and can confidently determine what will be the best forever home for each individual dog. A successful adoption applicant for a specific dog will have a meet and greet with the dog and it’s foster in the foster’s home. This way the applicant can talk directly with the foster who has been caring for the dog to learn first hand about the dog’s routines, quirks and mannerisms in a home environment. We fully believe that the foster parent knows the dog best and they are an integral part of our adoption procedure.