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I would give this to my sister for her dogs that have been using the big Nylabones for years.
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Everyone’s doing well now. We have a very hard Nylabone, but Rodrigo just gnaws on it instead of trying to break it down. It seems that anything with any give becomes a challenge for our dogs.
Nylabone Nutri Dent Complete Dental Chew for Dogs
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Yes, my dogs love Nylabones. The dinosaur ones hold up particular well & keep them busy!! We have 3 dogs – small, medium & large and the dinosaur ones are a perfect fit for all of them. Thanks for the chance! Nylabone Big Chews Knot for Big Dogs
Photo provided by FlickrNylabone Big Chews Beef Bone for Big Dogs
Photo provided by FlickrYes, my dogs have had several of the Nylabone products. Any product good for small breed dogs from Nylabone would be great.
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Some dogs have insatiable appetites for chewing. Puppies especially tend to chew everything in their path. Nylabone was invented as a long-lasting chew option to keep those never worn-out dogs busy and safe, but a synthetic "bone" made of inorganic chemicals may not be safe for your dog.WE HAVE A BLACK LABRADOR PUPPY NAMED FARLEY AND ON DECEMBER 16TH 2008 HE WAS RUSHED TO THE VETS FOR VOMITTING AND DIARRHEA. THE VET DID AN X-RAY AND DETERMINED HE HAD A BLOCKAGE BETWEEN HIS STOMACH AND HIS INTESTINE, SO HE HAD TO UNDERGO EMERGENCY SURGERY. WHEN THEY OPENED HIM UP THEY FOUND UNDIGESTED LARGE CHUNKS OF NYLABONE. WHEN I E-MAILED THE COMPANY THEY SAID THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE IT WAS THEIR NYLABONE THAT WAS LODGED IN HIS GUTS AND WANTED THE BONE SENT TO THEM. I EXPLAINED THE VET DISCARDED IT AND THEY NEVER REPLIED BACK OTHER THAN BASICALLY SAYING WE WERE LIARS IN A ROUND ABOUT WAY. NOONE SHOULD GIVE THEIR PETS THESE HORRIBLE PRODUCTS ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY WON'T LOOK INTO THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE ISSUE OF UNDISSOLVED PIECES OF THEIR BONES FOUND IN SEVERAL DOGS AND EVEN THE BONES CAUSING DEATH. THANK GOODNESS WE WERE QUICK ACTING AND SAVED FARLEY'S LIFE.Nylabones are made of a synthetic polymer shaped like a bone. Unlike other chews they are flexible, inedible and meant to be long-lasting. Some Nylabone products have meat flavorings like chicken and beef and come in different sizes ranging from puppy and small dogs to large ones fit for a Samoyed. The idea is that the synthetic bone can outlast organic chews like rawhides and bullysticks.Hi I was looking at website about Nylabone. I just lost my puppy Saint an English Crème Golden Retriever on November 14 2011. He chewed on a N905P ring bone souper. He was throwing up on Sunday and I took him in Monday. The vet couldn’t find anything on x-rays so we did exploratory surgery. Pieces of Nylabone were sticking through his intestines and they were like an accordion. They had to put him too sleep. I sent Nylabone an email about it and they wanted to know the costs. They take this very seriously. I am not done with this yet. I can’t believe they would put this on the shelf for dogs to chew on...Leo