Brilliant Shoestring Glow Night Light LED Dog Collar

PetLit Night Light Dog Collar Accessory for your dog's nighttime protection.
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They say any light though keeps us from having a deep sleep, but I still keep the night light on even though both my doggies have passed away. Can't bring myself to turn it off now.
1 x Pet Dog LED Harness Flashing Light Night Safety
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Those of you who have indoor dogs may express wonder at your dog’s ability to navigate the home in the dead of night. There’s no mystery here, only familiarity. Provided you aren’t practicing weekly feng shui or rearranging furniture to maximize your energy, chances are your dog has had every opportunity to know the general layout of its home terrain. Knowing where things are makes it much easier for your dog to “see in the dark,” given that dogs can compensate for lack of light by intimate knowledge of their surroundings. The secret to dog night vision? They make great use of whatever light is available to them, no matter how little there is.
Photo provided by FlickrA Diamond in the Rough: Dog-Wild's diamond/argyle patterned LED glow light collar. Keep track of your pooch at night, and give him some shine!
Photo provided by FlickrRed glowing eyes at night are the result of blood vessels reflecting light. This is common with white dogs who have blue eyes.
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We put a bunch of light-up products on our model, attracting quite a bit of attention from passers-by. Only one of these products (the Puplight) drastically increases the dog’s visibility and helps a dog walker see at night – incredibly helpful for cleaning up at night, if you know what we mean!What we like: We especially liked the step-in harness, which has reflective material on each strap, and lights across the front. We put this harness on a black dog to illustrate how much more visible it makes him at night.We tested about another half-dozen nighttime visibility products that didn’t meet our satisfaction; the wouldn’t have even earned one paw on our rating scale (on page 12). One light-up collar we rejected was weighted down with a cucumber-sized battery pack. One could plug the collar into a charger to recharge this large battery, which is a cool feature, but you’d have to overlook the fact that a dog wearing such a device could get a sore neck from the weight of the thing!But do dogs see better than humans? The simple answer is that they see differently, and in some instances, better. Dogs see shades of gray, while a human's world is in living color. The human retina has more cone cells, which distinguish color, while dogs' retinas have more rods, which need much less illumination to detect the gray spectrum. In twilight or indoor semi-darkness, a dog can see more clearly than his human. The rods are also sensitive to motion, allowing dogs to detect smaller movements and to quickly sense a stranger, or their prey. This is helpful when hunting at night or on guard duty.While cats may reign as the pet world's champions of night vision, dog lovers can rejoice: Their beloved canines can also navigate in dim light, if not quite as skillfully as their feline companions. How can dogs get by when the lights go out, and on a 20/20 scale, can canines go eye-to-eye with humans? The Portable Dog LED Night Light is perfect for any child that needs a light on as they fall asleep. The night light is cool to the touch. There is a handle in case your child needs to take the night light with them. The light automatically turns off after 30-minutes. The light slowly dims off, so it does not wake your child. The cute tail is the ON/OFF switch. The night light operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included). Measures 3 in. deep x 3.75 in. wide x 5.75 in. tall.