3M Reflective Padded Neoprene Padded Dog Collar in Pastel Baby Pink

Arm your dogs with our first new design of the reflective neoprene dog collar in FLUORESCENT colors
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Arm your dogs with our first new design of the reflective neoprene dog collar in FLUORESCENT colors! This is the editor‘s pick for the breezy Spring & Summer time, which represents Blueberry Pet‘s new take on the Reflective Neoprene dog collars. Already tired of those dull dark shades of neoprene dog collars? This spring is the time for you to update your pooches‘ wardrobe. The neoprene material exhibits good stability and maintains extra comfort. Embedded with 3M reflective materials on part of the webbing, this collar ensures that your pooches are seen even during night time. This new design is available in 4 fluorescent colors, pink, orange, yellow and green.
Vintage Tribal Pattern Neoprene Padded Dog Collar in ..
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"Neoprene lining is so comfy for my dog and it looks great in camo. People are always asking me where I got the collar. The large fits my 5 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback well and will be the last collar he will ever need. Nice and thick collar giving me more control. Easy to adjust or remove. The extra big D-ring makes it real easy to add/remove the lead for walks. Durable and easy to clean. If I had another dog I would buy another one." Reflective Neoprene Lined 1
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Our wide dog collars are lined with waterproof easy to clean neoprene are a perfect fit for your overgrown pup! Keeps your large dog comfortable and under control with our Wide Neoprene Collars. Check out the cool, classic dog collar colors available by EzyDog."I am very happy with the collars.
The sizing was a bit off, I think, as I had to go a "size up" for both dogs.
Mr. Wiley *(Black Lab mix, 55 lbs.) took a Blue large and Miss Kooper (Black lab mix 75 lbs) took a wide Pink large.
Orifinally, I purchased a medium for Mr. Wiley (at a pet show vendor, so unable to return it). I gave the medium to a neighbor's dog, Miss Tabby, and it fit great.
I love the neoprene as my dogs are swimmers.
I love the comfort value for my dogs. Miss Kooper pulls the leash, and the extra wide, neoprene collar protects her throat from damage.
The only thing I would alter on these collars would be the reflection strips. They are too thin and do not give the safety of reflection as well as some other collars I have used.
My dogs are black, so at night, a reflection strip on the collar is of great value.
Overall, however, we do love the collars."EzyDog Neo Collars now include a gear clip for your dogs ID tags or other clipable items.
Like our original they still offer the best in comfort, style and durability.
Soft rubber neoprene (the same material used in wetsuits) is reinforced with nylon webbing for strength.
Hook and loop adjustments make sizing a breeze and the quick release buckle offers strength with ezy-on and ezy-off convenience.
Completely waterproof and easy to clean.Neo for Neoprene. Neoprene is a soft rubber material that is used in wetsuits, and its reinforced with nylon webbing for added strength and durability. It makes a great waterproof dog collar and is available in a variety of fun colors from pink camo to solid black. "Have had it now for almost 3 weeks and I really enjoy it and Hank does as well. Strong and durable yet soft and gentle against his neck as promised. He looks cool and he knows it. He's in the water a lot so the quick drying neopreme is a definite plus and I love the no odor another kept promise. We have used several different types of collars but I have to say this by far is the best yet no more harness yeah. And this 90 lb. Black Labrador can attest to this also. I will purchase another one, to bad the Classic collar doesn't come in blue. Thank's Ez Dog.""Very sturdy collar, I like the soft neoprene on the inside to cushion my dogs neck since she has short hair. The orange is very high viz. There isn't much extra room for adjustment on the collars, so if your dog is on the high end of the listed range, get the next size up."