Natural Balance Vegetarian is by design a meatless dog food

And above-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food
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I just came across this review because I was looking for a place to sing my praises about this dog food. Natural Balance Vegan/Vegetarian Formula ROCKS. I am the owner of 3 chihuahuas all adopted from ages 2ish, 7ish and 11ish. I am a vegetarian myself and thought about switching my dogs to a vegetarian diet as well but obviously was worried that it would not be good for them. Came to find out that many dogs not only survive on a vegetarian diet, they outright thrive on one. The Oldest Dog In The World according to Guinesses Book Of World Records is/was a vegetarian and she lives/lived to be like 26 or something crazy like that. After speaking with the people at Natural Balance and being assured that this dog food is well rounded enough to sustain my dogs activity and health levels I decided to try it out. That was almost a year ago and I could not be happier. My oldest dog has so much energy, it is nuts. She is more active, happier and just seems to be healthier. All of their coats are super shiny and the best part is, no more nasty dog breath. They do not smell funky anymore. The kibbles seems easy to eat, my dogs never rejected them and I have to say they love it so much they RUN their morning walk just to get inside to eat.
This is just my personal experience with my 3 vegetarian Chihuahuas. Sure my choice was a personal and ethical one but from what I hear this food is amazing for dogs who have allergies and sensitive stomachs as well.
5 stars from me.
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My American Foxhound has severe food interolerances to most meat products. He tolerates Royal Canin Anallergenic and Hypoallergenic (containing hydrolized protein) best, but I cannot afford their very high price tags. I have tried him on numerous limited ingredient foods with a moderate to poor success rate. His stool was more formed than most other food, but he had a large quanitity of poop everyday. Sometimes going as many as 5 to 6 times daily. I saw a marked difference when I switched him to the Natural Balance Vegetarian dry food. He now has just 2 to 3 formed bowel movements daily. This food may not be the best for other dogs, but it really works well for him. I would recommend this to anyone with a dog with a similar condition. Thanks for your insightful reviews. It has helped me to make informed decisions on food for my other dogs. Top 315 Complaints and Reviews about Natural Balance Pet Foods
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This reviewer claims to be unbiased, yet gives no vegetarian formula more than 2 stars, even Natural Balance and Nature’s Recipe, both fine dog foods with a great track record. Many dogs have benefitted from these formulas, stopping itching and allergies due to the junk in meat and meat by-products. I have successfully raised 2 dogs, both rescues and older when I got them, on vegetarian dog foods. They both thrived and had good health. I now have a rescue poodle who is probably 8 or more years old, and is doing fine on vegetarian food so far. You are entitled to your opinion, but do not call it “unbiased”. Read articles by Dr. Armaiti May, DVM. She has a deep understanding of vegetarian food for dogs.