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A dog's skin produces oil naturally and acts as a moisturizer for the skin.
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Coconut oil will help improve the integrity of the skin while moisturizing and providing healthy fats for the skin's lipid layer. Coconut oil can also prevents and treat yeast and fungal infections, including candida. This makes it an excellent skin treatment for dogs who are having trouble with their skin and coat.
For dogs afflicted with skin allergies or dermatitis, the Neem and Argan oil help to moisturize and reduce flaking.
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barrier. Finally, helping to control and prevent the secondary skin infections (bacterial and yeast) that our pets with allergies are prone to developing will go a long way to keeping your pet comfortable. Skin infections will significantly intensify any underlying itching/discomfort your pet is experiencing. It is important that you use a shampoo designed for dogs and cats dealing with allergies. Human shampoos (even the "gentle" baby shampoos) are a big no-no for our pets! The shampoo you choose should be moisturizing in nature (Aloe & Oatmeal Based are the best) and it should also be Anti-bacterial and Anti-yeast in nature. How you bathe your pet is just as important as what you use. The ideal goal is to bathe in lukewarm (not hot) water, allow lather to contact the skin for 10-15 minutes prior to rinsing, and thoroughly rinse away all residual shampoo. Depending on your pet's skin condition and needs, bathing as frequently as once weekly is not uncommon. In some cases it may be helpful to follow-up this shampoo protocol with a Moisturizing Conditioner or one of many Leave-on Lotions to maximize the lasting benefits of your pet's bath time. Topical Humectants as daily sprays may also aid your pet’s comfort. You can purchase one of the many commercially available products or you can use a popular "home Natural skin moisturizers that are great for humans and dogs include Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E, and Honey.
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Sometimes dogs can suffer from dry skin or skin irritations. When it becomes a concern, the best thing to do is to take your dog to the veterinarian for a diagnosis and the proper medication. However, if your dog does not seem uncomfortable and you simply want to cleanse and moisturize its skin, you can do this in the comfort of your own home with dog shampoo and lotion.RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo & Conditioner moisturize and heal damaged dog dry skin with Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Zinc-PCA (a special from of zinc that is a vital mineral required for skin and coat health, and deficient in most dogs over the age of 1). RenuPlex also contains a host of wonderful moisturizing and healing ingredients to include: Colloidal Oatmeal, Jojoba Oil, Key Essential Oils, Silk Proteins, Vitamin B, and a host of other great ingredients!Olive oil can relieve skin irritation caused by fleas or dry skin, and it’s a great lubricant for sore, cracked paws; a common problem for dogs walking on sidewalks in the summer heat... (The link that this pin takes you to recommends using commercial paw moisturizer, but a natural solution is probably better AND if your dog licks it off it not only won't be harmful it will actually be a useful addition to his diet!)It's important to note that many allergies and dog dry skin problemsare caused by food or vitamin deficiencies. You may want to experimentwith food, keep notice of what your dog is eating and make sure enoughwater is being consumed. Add fresh vegetables, fruit and/or meats toyour dog's diet to supplement his health. Increased overall health willcontribute greatly to clearing up a dog's dry skin. Adding more waterto your dog's diet will increase hydration and help to moisturize theskin naturally. If your dog isn't drinking enough water, add freshfruit with high water content, or add water to dry dog food beforeserving.Winter weather can be a refreshing change of pace, but at the same time, low humidity and home heating can dry out your dog’s skin and coat. While we humans might opt for topical moisturizing creams and lotions, our fine canine friends do best when they’re well oiled. The healthiest fix for your dog’s winter dandruff and dry skin problems is to add oil to his diet. You don’t have to run out and purchase special oils; two of the best, olive and coconut, are easy to find in supermarkets and health food stores. I recommend them for glowing skin and coat and general health.In order for shampoo therapy to be effective, you need to make sure you are using a shampoo that is natural, hypoallergenic and moisturizing. Oatmeal shampoos are an excellent choice. They will help to improve the condition of your dog’s skin and coat while providing relief from scratching. Look for products that contain colloidal oatmeal instead of the inferior oat extract that many dog shampoos use. Colloidal oatmeal is simply oatmeal that is ground down to a fine powder. And because the powder granules are so tiny, they will readily absorb water or moisture. This then acts as a ready made moisturizer, binding itself to the skin in a protective layer. Check out , an oatmeal shampoo for dry & itchy skin.