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So I recently started my dog on Nutrena Loyal dog food since I had a coupon for a free 40 ..
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COUPON - Loyall Dog Food by Nutrena | Nutrena.
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Switched to Loyall. Now they've jacked the price to $37.99/40lbs at orscheln's. I need my dogfood priced .60-.70 cents/Lb. Right before the price increase I bought 20 bags at $26.99. I've got two left. With coupons and sale prices i should be able to get it back down to $27-$29/ bag. It just won't be reliable. I e-mailed the Nutrena rep for our area and she won't respond. loyal dog food coupons / Coupons
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Photo provided by FlickrLot of 10 coupons for $10 off Loyall dog food= $100 savings!!
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The dog food menu makes sure that every kinds of dog could enjoy the most suitable dog food that their body needs. People could find Loyall in every pet store in the United States and people could also try to find many online sites that provide Loyall Dog Food coupons that people could use to make their purchase cheaper. People that need a good dog food should make Loyall Dog Food as their best dog food choice.On top of the chicken feed coupons, we also got coupons for $10 (YES, TEN DOLLARS! WOAH!) off of a bag of Loyall Premium Dog food for our pup, Bogo. Loyall is a Nutrena brand as well, so I am looking forward to seeing how Bogo reacts to it. Luckily he’s not a picky pup, so I know he will eat it, but will he love it? That’s what I want to find out.I have sent this info on to my rep.. Hopefully it will help. I have had problems in the past also with Orschelns not taking coupons printed from my computer. I guess we can thank all the crooks in the world that print off duplicates for that. Anyway with the help of a Cargil/ Nutrena Rep. I found a mom and pop Nutrena feed dealer in my area that I could get Loyall from. I went there and gave it a try. I could by the Active Adult Formula there (all the time) for the price it was when it was when it was on sale at Orschelns and they would take the coupons that I printed of the computer. Not only did I save on the dog food but it is about 15 miles closer to me. I think you can also look on the Nutrena website for dealer locations. You may find a mom and pop feed store in your area that can get it. Let me know if you hear anything. If you want to pm me your name and contact info I will pass it along to my rep.I started feeding Loyall Puppy then Professional (same protein/Fat content, puppy just has smaller kibble) dog food three years ago to a couple registered English Pointer pups I was training for future trial dogs. These pups had been started on a cheaper (corn based) puppy food and they were a mess when they arrived. After being on the Loyall for three days, their stools begin to firm up and in no time at all were healthy and happy. I have since gotten out of the bird dogs and just keep an old border collie, a chihuahua, and a shi tzu here and they are fed Loyall Professional. They are shiny, fit, and have firm oderless stools. I would highly recommend this food!