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Does anyone know what what foods have NO Protein or LOW Protein that is good for dogs?
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My dog, Winston, recently had his six month comprehensive exam. He is a 7-1/2 year old mix (possibly Lhasa Apso/terrier). About 4 years ago he had a urinary tract infection and struvite crystals. He was put on prescription food to dissolve the crystals and then on another prescription food. He has not had a repeat of infection or crystals. Once he was ok to stop the prescription food, I switched him to Blue Buffalo Small Breed Lamb and Rice (pink bag), based on reviews and the fact that it contained cranberries. All went well for several months. Checkups ok, no crystals. My dog balked at eating from the third or fourth bag, but eventually did. He rapidly got sick with diarrhea and an extremely noxious odor. I chalked it up to a bad bag and threw it out. I then decided to try another BB formula that was supposed to be better for dogs with digestive issues. That, too, went well for a awhile. I noticed towards the end of the last bag, the kibble had an oily appearance. I should have thrown it out at that point, but I fed him some of it. I then purchased a replacement bag and he reluctantly ate some of it. Again, diarrhea and the extremely foul odor. Coincidentally Winston was scheduled for another six-month comprehensive exam, which indicated higher than normal protein levels in his urine. He was put on an antibiotic, prescription dog food to address his diarrhea, and medication to attempt to reduce the protein levels in his urine. During the time between visits I weened him from the prescription diet (Hills I/D) to Wellness Simple Turkey and Potato. (My vet stated I should choose a lower protein diet and recommended a Science Diet senior formula). By then I had read a lot of information on this and other sites and went with the average protein Wellness food. He transitioned well to that food and appears to be doing well. However, we had a follow up appointment today and his protein levels are still higher than normal. We’re waiting for additional test results, but my vet indicated he might need to be put on a prescription kidney diet formula. From what I have read there is controversy about the appropriate protein levels for “senior” dogs and dogs at various stages of potential kidney disease. At this point Winston exhibits none of the symptoms of kidney disease, the protein levels having been caught during a routine exam. I don’t know that putting him on a significantly reduced protein diet would be good for him. I would appreciate any suggestions for a layperson to vet approach regarding sound alternatives to another Hills prescription diet. Suggestions for quality commercial foods or home recipes?
Apr 2, 2009 - Does anyone know what what foods have NO Protein or LOW Protein that is good for dogs?
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…Natural stew texture with added vitamins and minerals* Enriched with vegetables and fruit* Complete and balanced meal for puppies and adult dogs* Made in the USA Calorie Content: 370 kcal/can Paleo-inspired foods provide high protein, low carb recipes with fresh ingredients for maximum nutrition. Because most high-protein foods are also high in purines, veterinarians often recommend switching urate-forming dogs to a low-protein diet
Photo provided by PexelsFeb 23, 2017 - They're not high-quality foods but may be better choices than lower-protein diets for dogs with early-stage disease
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We now know that ample amounts of high quality, digestible proteins are exactly what senior dogs need. Unfortunately, most senior diet foods are still marketed as appropriate for seniors, yet are low in protein and fat and high in carbs.In response to the letter from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, dated June 6, 2005, regarding “Inaccurate information published in article: When to Say No to Low-Protein, Only Dogs Whose Kidney Failure is Advanced Need Very Low-Protein Foods by C.J. Puotinen.Note: While the first recipe is fairly healthy by dog food standards, (better than grocery store brand dog foods), remember that dogs are carnivores and need meat. Choose low fat raw meats whenever possible and alternate with the first recipe. If you are looking for low protein recipes for a diabetic dog, please read about the .Hill’s admits that their diets have not been palatable in the past, but claims they are improved now. I would suggest that they would have made the same claims in the past, and will at some point in the future likely make further changes that they will then claim make their food more palatable than it is now. The fact is that low protein foods are inherently less palatable, and that commercial diets will never appeal as much to a dog as fresh food diets. Anecdotally, many people still report their dogs refusing to eat Prescription Diet® Canine k/d®. Even if some dogs are willing to eat this food, it is not unreasonable to suggest alternatives for those that will not, or additives that will make it more appealing, as well as healthier, for dogs with early to moderate stage CKD.