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These long lasting, edible dog chews are made from Free-Range and Grass Fed Water Buffalo.
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I’ve been wondering about these. I have been looking for a healthy, safe, edible dog treat for my 10 pound Bichon. I have tried the Smart ‘n Tasty Twizzlies, which she loved but didn’t last very long. I just bought her a duck chew by Etta Says, which she seemed to like but also may not last long. I was a little worried about the Himalayan chews being to hard for her, since she is so small. Would anyone expect that to be an issue? Thanks!
These long lasting, edible dog chews are made from Free-Range and Grass Fed Water Buffalo.
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Dogs love the taste of new Nubz™ budz, natural, long-lasting edible chews in four fun, down-on-the-farm varieties that are shaped just like they taste! Carla the cow, shelly the sheep, Charlie the chicken, and Patrick the pig are all here to help keep your own furry farmers happy and busy with the delicious flavors of beef, lamb, chicken, and bacon that they love! ground rawhide dog chews and munchies pressed into totally edible, long lasting dog treats.
Photo provided by FlickrOct 17, 2014 - These long lasting, edible dog chews are made from Free-Range and ..
Photo provided by FlickrThese long lasting, edible dog chews are made from Free-Range and Grass Fed ..
Photo provided by Flickr
“Long-lasting Happy TimeTM Edible Chews are designed to keep dogs busy and entertained,” says Mark E. Johnson, Executive Vice President of Nylabone Products and parent company T.F.H. Publications, Inc., based in Neptune City, N.J. “Made with real chicken and no added sugar, salt or artificial colors, these natural edible-chews help prevent destructive chewing while allowing retailers to take advantage of the growing trend toward natural and healthful products.”If you are looking for edible chew dog toys, we recommend you get yourself Prime Pet Products Himalayan Yak Chews. This chew is made from 100% all natural products. According to the manufacturer, the chew is made from 100% Yak milk which makes the chew to last longer. Prime Pet Himalayan Yak Chews is one of the best vet recommended dog dental chews.Watch these dogs go WILD for the taste of new Healthy Edibles Wild long-lasting natural dog chews, made in the USA with real traditional meats like Bison, Venison, and Salmon. Bring out your dog’s inner wolf with true chewing satisfaction as big as the great outdoors! Natural Healthy Edibles Wild long-lasting chews indulge dogs’ most primal instincts with the flavor of REAL MEAT, keeping them happy, busy, and satisfied.They look heavy, if you have gentler dog, I will recommend getting smaller size. These chews are made for serious chewers. Unlike most chews in the market, these chews hardly smell and they don’t make a giant mess. It is an edible chew toy for dogs. They are long lasting; most people that have used this product confirmed they have used it for over 2-3 years.ABO Buffalo Bully Horns are long-lasting edible chews for your dog. These horns don’t shatter like cow hoofs, natural bones or nylabones. Additionally, they do not contain fat like pig ears do or calories like you see in pig chews.The natural tendencies of wild canines and their predecessors was to sink their teeth into their prey and pull away on the hides stripping the skin and meat. Inherent in this feeding processes was the beneficial action of the tugging and pressure on the teeth and gums which served to toughen the gums and clean the teeth for a continuously healthy mouth. Rawhide offers two valuable benefits to your dog.

Dental Benefits
Heart, Liver, and kidney infections can result when poor dental health gives bacteria an environment to enter your dog's body. Bacteria in the dog's mouth breaks down food particles and converts them to plaque and excess acid. The plaque can become mineralized to form a hard deposit on the tooth surface called "calculus." The excess acid damages the gums resulting in gingivitis. Unchecked gingivitis results in periodontitis, the leading cause of tooth loss. As rawhide is chewed and moistened, it wraps around the teeth and rubs off plaque and calculi.

Behavior Benefits
Most dogs have an inherent desire to chew, especially puppies. This behavior can result in dogs chewing on inappropriate items such as furniture and clothing. Rawhide offers a dog a safe chewing outlet. After Hurricane Katrina, we sent 25,000 Crunch Cards to the rescued dogs. Many of these dogs were nervous due to being separated from their owners and in a strange environment. The rescue workers appreciated the Rawhide chews because they lasted longer than regular dog biscuits and gave the dogs something to do.